“You need a punch in your face” – Pep Guardiola on Manchester City needing a wake-up call

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After 4 Premier League games without a win, Pep Guardiola says Manchester City’s current form will be a wake-up call for them.

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27 thoughts on ““You need a punch in your face” – Pep Guardiola on Manchester City needing a wake-up call

  1. The biggest managerial mind in football..
    What Fergi did with United was remarkable but you English dudes can be sentimental and try so hard to avoid the blatant truth with excuses all you want but the reality is Pep is miles clear of him..THE GOAT 🐐

  2. Pep doesn't like when people criticize his players. When his team wins he wants all the credit to go to his players, when they lose he wants all the blame to go to him, thats the definition of humbleness, and that's why his players are always ready to die for him on the pitch. If you listen to him carefully, he's saying "why is it not my fault when the team is not playing well? Maybe it's something I'm doing wrong and i have to help my players" he's saying blame him, how many managers can take such accountability?

  3. The over reaction to dropping points against Chelsea, liverpool, spurs and villa is laughable

    Citys run of fixtures from here are the easiest in the league for the next 3 months

    Once they end they'll be top, where they will stay

    The league needs City to slip up a few times just to make the league semi interesting for a few months

  4. Pep would be the leader of the strongest football club in the EPL again if he obtains a reliable striker from another team, in the upcoming winter transfer market. Moreover, the team board already prepared enough transfer money to purchase the key player by Pep's strong request.

    On top of that, the striker Earling Haaland said he needs another attacking partner to disperse defenders' massive blocking at matches. Too many defenders used to block him when he tried a shoot in many games and Haaland wants to eliminate the problem. It means that he needs the best finisher to score.

    Pep would record the awesome treble moment one more time if his squad upgrade plan works properly through the board's fast cooperation. Because this season 2023-2024 is still not over.

  5. Man Cheaty will never get the punishment they deserve, the FA love money and the Arabs can keep giving.. The PL is decided by money, VAR etc and football is a business now not a game. Yes city have a great side but be real its a side they shouldn't have due to RULES in force for every other club…Evertons paid the price straight away theirs no excuse for CHEATY FC. We won't mention how they got a 2 year European ban dropped?…just remember your trophy collection has been bought and is fake….mourinho could win when he had unlimited cash flow but wasn't a manager which later was highlighted with multiple sackings!!

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