Xabi Alonso to leave Leverkusen in 2025? Thomas Tuchel under pressure at Bayern Munich

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Sky Germany reporter Felix Fischer discusses the pressure Bayern Munich manager Thomas Tuchel is under following their 3-0 loss to league leaders Bayer Leverkusen on Saturday.

Leverkusen are now five points clear of Bayern at the top of the Bundesliga table after 21 league matches played.

Fischer also discusses what could be next for Leverkusen boss Xabi Alonso, who is reportedly linked to managerial jobs at some of the world’s best clubs including Liverpool and Real Madrid, and when he could move on from German football.

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37 thoughts on “Xabi Alonso to leave Leverkusen in 2025? Thomas Tuchel under pressure at Bayern Munich

  1. Xabi is a self confessed LFC fan, plenty of interviews where he says just that and interviews about dreaming of managing LFC as well as bringing up his kids as LFC supporters. Our fans love him more than those in Real or Bayern where he is just one of many ever revolving stars. Those are the main factors that will make it hard for him to turn down. If he does it will be because he doesn’t feel ready nothing else. Laughable hearing Leverkusen suggesting he’ll stay regardless

  2. "Tuchel in trouble" 😂
    All these MESSIAHS of management getting the sack all over the globe 🌎 😂😂😂
    All these men are sober too.
    Brian Clough ❤️ back to back European titles whilst pissed as a newt 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿⚽️🐐

  3. Alonso too smart to leave to Liverpool or Real straight away. He knows patience is key. That's why he decided to start his coaching career slowly first the Reals Sociedad B Team for 3 years, and now Leverkusen for another period. No need to pressure yourself in filling Klopps big shoes. Too many young ambitious coaches cracked before him in big clubs. He knows that.

  4. Liverpool has the best set up at the moment, minus the crazy drama Madrid will have, I am certain Alonso will be next Liverpool manager and the announcement will come right after Leverkusen wins the Bundesliga.

  5. Bro people realize Leverkusen is unbeaten in all comp? Meaning no one has been able to beat them this season? I don’t think people understand how special of a season Leverkusen is having. Bayern is doing good, Leverkusen just flying super super high

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