WSL round-up: Can Arsenal challenge Chelsea for the title?

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Jessica Creighton joined the set of ‘Total Football’ to discuss all the key WSL talking points ahead of this weekend’s fixtures.

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19 thoughts on “WSL round-up: Can Arsenal challenge Chelsea for the title?

  1. Lol. “Arsenal have scored 9 goals in their last two WSL games”

    Chelsea have scored 9 in their last 2 games too – and who was their opposition in those two games? Paris FC and Liverpool. And what do those two teams have in common? You guessed it! They both beat arsenal this season!

    Meanwhile chelsea haven’t lost yet.

  2. I'm an arsenal fan but honestly I don’t agree with this at all.
    Arsenal look shaky and haven’t been turning up for large periods of games. 2-1 to a championship team, even one with a good defense, is questionable. In a lot of their matches it has been individual world class talents taking chances most players couldn't do much with that got them the win, not their ability as a team. We have I think 1 clean sheet total? Defense is an issue. Goalkeeping is an issue. Creativity is an issue. The only way Arsenal can win this season is by recruiting a competent keeper in the Jan window, and hoping Mead, Miedema, and Williamson can bring back some creative play on their returns from injury. (Eidevall has a job on his hands figuring out how to properly utilise new and returning players to their strengths within an actual team structure whilst still keeping everyone happy, that’s for sure.)
    I mean just look at the goal differential with Chelsea! Right now Chelsea are the more complete team, with a manager who already knows exactly how to rotate and use her bench. Can’t see Arsenal taking this one, though I would love to be wrong.
    One thing I have been impressed by is the younger players that have been brought in. I hope Russo, Pelova, and Cooney-Cross all stick around because when they’re all on the pitch together the connections look very promising. If they and Lotte Wubben-Moy are the future of this team then I have a lot of confidence in Arsenal taking the league by storm in a season or two, especially with Hayes leaving Chelsea at the end of the season.

  3. Chelsea are better than everyone in the WSL. Only Barcelona are better. Sky make Arsenal sound like world beaters 😂. Got to keep people interested I suppose

  4. I think they'll challenge, but will probably come up short. Depends if Miedema can get back to top form and hopefully Williamson can recover sooner to play a part at the back end of the season

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