Will Ange Postecoglou’s tactical stubbornness be Spurs’ undoing?

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Ange Postecoglou’s early run of good form at Spurs is now over as the side struggle to make their high pressing line tactics work, even maintaining a highline with nine men.

Will the managers tactics continue to cost Spurs?

Tottenham face Newcastle on Sunday live on Sky Sports.

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17 thoughts on “Will Ange Postecoglou’s tactical stubbornness be Spurs’ undoing?

  1. yes his tactical stubbornness is what's causing problems. Tottenham aren't Man City they dont have all the depth to cope with injuries. High line with 9 men has to be the dumbest tactic I've ever seen, if you have 9 men always park the bus sit in a super low block and make sure all 9 players never leave the 6 yard box.

  2. We will be fine but certainly need more quality players…….we have fine players, but you can never have enough…….it will be good to have an unused treatment room, but all clubs will always have injuries………….hence, a big squad is necessary……..

  3. well I aint a spurs fan myself but this debate is becoming a little bit boring now imo really🤣 spurs have just dismantled newcastle on the back of this and in terms of what the goal was for them presumably top four five potentially they are going in the right way imo and playing good football aswell I think they have made individual errors in matches but that has nothing to do with style of football imo🤔 they were never title contenders this season despite the great start it was too soon for them🤔

  4. It’s the ignorance of these people who just think he’s playing attack attack and a high line – he’s changes it from game to game and inside games but it’s all about how well press and players not making mistakes – spurs made more mistakes under conte a defensive coach – and when made mistake it allows a shot as so close to goal – now sone of the mistakes in middle of park so allows players to get back – but if players stop making silly errors the ignorant pundits will have to find something to talk about other things than a so called naive high line

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