Why was Rashford sent off? | Erik ten Hag says that decisions ‘keep going against’ Manchester United

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Erik ten Hag described Manchester United’s performance in their 4-3 defeat at FC Copenhagen as “very good” and pinned the blame for the result on the officials.

United lost for the third time in four Champions League games to leave their hopes of qualifying from Group A hanging by a thread.

Ten Hag’s side led 2-0 before being pegged back to 2-2 after Marcus Rashford was sent off. Bruno Fernandes put United 3-2 ahead but the Premier League side again crumbled at the end of the second half, conceding three or more goals in a match for the seventh time this season.

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45 thoughts on “Why was Rashford sent off? | Erik ten Hag says that decisions ‘keep going against’ Manchester United

  1. And all this time I thought it was Fernandes that was the whiny complainer at United. "Why was Rashford sent off?" Because it was a leg-breaker. Take away the player and intent, that move has broken legs and ankles. That's a potential career-ending injury, or a minimum 6 months on the sidelines. It doesn't matter what his intentions were. It was reckless, and let's face it, if it had been Casimero no one would be defending it or even talking about it.

  2. The idea of a tackle “endangering a player” is a joke. Football is and has always been a contact sport. Players are endangering themselves when they put the kit on and step onto the field. Football is getting worse by the year.

  3. I think straight red cards like this totally defeat the purpose of yellow cards.
    A straight red should only be used for intentional really dangerous tackles, while a yellow should be to warn a player to relax if he's being a bit aggressive.
    It really does ruin a game when a team goes down to 10 men.
    It also seems that VAR have backed themselves into a corner with the way they review these kinds of tackles, because once the ref goes to the screen it's a done-deal, and the player might as well just start walking. When in reality it should still be a 50/50 chance when the ref goes to review. Except that the VAR people in the box don't want to be wrong, so they try to make the best case for themselves by giving the ref the most damning view of the incident.
    The ref should also have full control at the screen, multiple views, and have the ability to speed up or slow down the footage.

  4. Can these pundits and non-Man Utd supports stop saying sack ETH. Sacking the manager won't do anything. Just look at Man Utd the past 10 years. Sacking managers left and right. The problems go way beyond the manager. Its what's happening inside the club. The real criminal are the Glazers and as long as they're in there as owners nothing will change.

  5. Possibly one of the easiest straight reds that any player has got in an English team this season, the fact united fans are trying to defend it shows how delusional and hypocritical they are.

  6. I dont mind the VAR but it has a side effect in that VAR sometimes seem to referee the game instead of the main referee on the field. The on field ref clearly sees the Rashford incident, in real time and he lets it go, his decision is final. So why the need to go and view the same incident again in slow motion? A strong ref should have rebuffed any attempts from VAR to have him go look at the screen. Why should we trust a ref who is not sure of his decisions, he shouldn't be on the field in the first place if they're not sure of the incidents they've clearly seen.

  7. This manager is delusional wtf doesn’t he mean we were playing well. He’s always making silly excuses oh we always play well till we concede. Hellooooooo that’s how the game goes.

  8. 2 goals up with 10 men, we were in the driving seat – no excuses – Evans off changed the game 😛 my God Varane is our best player why Evans………..

  9. It’s just a “ football incident “. Think about it this way. Can we really say about Rashford …. “ these are the kind of things that we are trying to get rid of in football” ? Well no , we can’t. Rashford did what many players do ( especially defenders trying to shield the ball out for a goal kick. ) They step out sideways and place their leg and body between the player and the ball. They do it with their back to the player. The problem is that certain standard moves in football that we see every week come with a certain risk attached to them. It just so happened that the other guys ankle was in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s just football. Have players been instructed that lunging into a tackle with studs up and two feet off the ground is the kind of tackle that is not acceptable any more ? Yes they have. Have players been told that stepping across and trying to shield the ball with your back to an opponent is not part of the game any more? No they haven’t . So why penalise someone for an accidental incident? It could happen to any player at any time in any match. Therefore , for me it should not be classed as a red card simply because it could have cause an injury. It should not even be a yellow.

    Imagine another scenario. Goalkeepers come flying out of their goal at speed with their fists to punch the ball away. It’s an inherently dangerous move. It could knock someone out or even worse , but it’s part of the game. Maybe one day they will change the rules to say punching the ball is outlawed , but until they do it would be wrong to send off a keeper just because that move had caused a concussion or a broken jaw bone by mistake. Why? Because it’s part of the game. Sometimes your body is just in the wrong place at the wrong moment. Some of the worst leg breaking injuries in football have been total accidents.

    The logic of this is that we cannot judge whatever Rashford did by what injury might have been caused , because it’s just a sad and unfortunate part of an aggressive contact sport. Take Formula One as another example. Drivers can be potentially killed because another car touches tyres with them on a corner. There’s a concept in F1 called a “ racing incident “. It’s considered an inevitable risk of collision or injury from racing cars that fast. You cant push 20 cars into a first corner at over 100 mph and then penalise drivers if one or two of them collide.

    So back to Rashford. What was he supposed to do to avoid this ? Do a risk assessment before he tries to shield the ball? Have eyes in the back of his head to anticipate exactly where the other players ankle would be at that precise split second? Remember the actual facts. He didn’t lunge. He didn’t lose control . He didn’t use excessive force. He did not stamp. He wasn’t looking at the player ( only the ball ) . It all happened in a split second. The ref and the other players barely noticed and just got on with the game. It wasn’t a technique that is outlawed in the game. It could have happened to anyone. There is no evidence of intent or anger or revenge on that player.

    So folks , we need to get over it. It shouldn’t be a red. Sometimes legs get broken and it’s just horrible luck all round. The only way to avoid things like this would be to avoid playing football altogether. It happens. It might be a different player next week. Maybe your favourite player. If you don’t like it or want to see someone blamed and sent off then go and watch chess instead. Football is a contact sport played at speed by big grown men. Accidents can and will happen.

  10. Mourinho was the problem. Pogba was the problem. Ole was the problem. Maguire was the problem. Ronaldo was the problem. De Gea was the problem. Antony was the problem. At some point, people need to realize that United’s problem has never been an individual problem. The team is fundamentally disjointed and unbalanced.

  11. Disgracful VAR decisions… Get rid of VAR as they are making this beautiful game hard to luck at… I am dissappointed to hear such crap from a Sky Sports News channel.. clearly they don't know football and prefer to talk up things for more entertainment… sad to see

  12. I would agree that a lot of these freeze frames are really corrupt, the referees are not being shown a full replay, the refs using VAR are not helping the refs on field make the right decisions, they are just influencing them by showing one small segment of the whole incident. It’s very corrupt, it’s actually unbelievable how they are still getting away with it and the managers/clubs are powerless. They should go on strike all over Europe until changes are made. Rashfords red was clumsy and unintentional, but it almost broke the guys ankle so Utd can’t have too many complaints. The handballs are now laughable in every game

  13. i'm a liverpool fan but i don't think it should have been a red card for rashford. there was no intent. these are athletes on a pitch with boots on with studs on the bottom of them, of course there's sometimes going to be danger. doesn't mean it's the player's fault. sometimes accidents happen.

  14. Sky sports constantly spewing anti United biased opinions, they love when United lose, I don't know why United fans subscribe to their channels it's more or less LFCTV, So many poor pundits & "experts" right up there with talksport, jokers 🤦🏻‍♂️

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