Why Tesla Doesn’t Make Motorbikes


The electric motorbikes and scooter market is booming and the market value has reached over $30 billion, but it looks like Tesla doesn’t want to be involved in the electric motorbikes business. Tesla CEO, Elon Musk made this known in one of the company’s annual shareholder meetings that the company won’t be making motorbikes. Musk claimed that the reason the company won’t be involved in building electric motorbikes is that he was almost run over by a truck while riding a motorbike as a kid. Musk revealed this when designer James Gawley came up with a very amazing concept for an electric motorbike dubbed Tesla Model M.


21 thoughts on “Why Tesla Doesn’t Make Motorbikes

  1. I dunno if Motoheads like myself would even be interested in a Tesla motorbike. We already avoid electric bikes like the Plague as it is, we need gears or it ain’t a motorbike!

  2. See I don't understand why he won't make motorbikes beacuse a business success is not about his personal issues it's about everyone else the consumer just saying and If electric motorcycles is the thing now why passed million dollars electric motorcycles

  3. Ok so what does elon getting into an accident have to do with building an electric motorcycle for people that want one he dont have to ride one again if he dont want to

  4. So, he almost got run over by a truck on a motorcycle. He won't build bikes, but will build trucks and is pushing for tesla semi trucks? Isn't the truck and the reckless driver the problem, not elon? The problem which he would have effectively solved. Let's face it; he's probably getting payoffs so he never makes an product average people can buy to make the most profit or because big oil would probably have someone assassinate him if he made a product that didn't require gas and competed with them

  5. He doesn't want to create motorcycles because he'd rather his company create vehicles that run over the motorcyclists, pedestrians and cyclists quite happy. Honestly, self driving should be outlawed. How many people gotta die for 'convenience'?

  6. I love the idea of Tesla applying its amazing engineering skills to two wheel products but the environmental impact of motorcycles is pretty small in the big picture. I think if Elon realizes the necessity of two wheels in some parts of the world he might reevaluate his stand.

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