Why is Raheem Sterling being snubbed by England?

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The Independent’s Miguel Delaney & The Times’ Charlotte Duncker discuss Cole Palmer’s call up to the England squad and Raheem Sterling’s ongoing omission.

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23 thoughts on “Why is Raheem Sterling being snubbed by England?

  1. You guys still arguing about Southgate picks. Come Euros you'll still be arguing and when you get knocked out you'll still be arguing. Southgate is just not good enough. The End

  2. Did he actually call those three players up? Because it was due to his regulars having injuries… he isn’t trying to have a look at these players he just didn’t have a choice…. Am I getting this wrong?

  3. If Sterling is not in the squad because the manager knows him and he wants to give other players a chance, he would have said that, but he didn't, so what are these pundits talking about. As for other attacking wingers being selected before him, they have proved nothing in big tournaments, only Sterling has and boy has he proved it. Gave me the best moments of my life supporting the national team. There is no other player that has proved we can rely on them more than Sterling to deliver in our international high stakes games, not even close. Had the whole county on the edge of our seats and has been criticised and downplayed by the media and these pundits since the age of 17 where he was competing for World Young Player of the Year and got none of the hype Cole is getting who amazingly has failed to score one goal in open play. So out of order and obviously led by or stirred up by racism. If we think we can win a competition, without a player that wins penalties, has players sent of trying to deal with him, scores goals at a rate that make him the second highest goal scorer for England and the highest assist provider, we are kidding ourselves. Beating an Italian team that has no teeth in attack and that may not make the Euros if it comes down to the last game against Ukraine and would not have got past the quarter finals of a competition is no special feet the manager seems to think it is and proves nothing about high stakes competition. This England team without Sterling is a movie we have already seen at the last competition where we got knocked out in the quarter finals and came up with the same tiresome excuses and unfortunately it looks like we will have to listen to them again. Sterling in, we reach a final and semi-final. Then Sterling out, we are knocked out in the quarter final. How the manager then thinks Sterling out is the answer because he reads a few newspapers is beyond me. Peace and love

  4. Raheem have nothing to prove, it’s just as the same racism at its best if your black and your not 💯 percent your not needed , he should learn alot from this, your still a black man trying to fit in

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