Why has Mikel Arteta avoided FA punishment over Newcastle comments? | Back Pages Tonight

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John Cross and Jonathan Liew discussed the story that Mikel Arteta has been cleared by an independent Regulatory Commission, after he was charged by the FA for his post-match comments after Arsenal’s defeat to Newcastle.

The Arsenal manager was charged with FA rule E3.1 after he criticised the decision to allow Anthony Gordon’s winning goal for Newcastle on November 4 in an interview with Sky Sports.

“It’s a disgrace,” Arteta told Sky Sports. “It’s embarrassing. That’s how I feel and that’s how everybody feels in that [dressing] room. You cannot imagine the amount of messages we’ve got saying this cannot continue. It’s embarrassing. I’m sorry, embarrassing.”

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29 thoughts on “Why has Mikel Arteta avoided FA punishment over Newcastle comments? | Back Pages Tonight

  1. Thank you guys!!! 
    There are such genuinely impartial & brilliant peoples out there, not just preposterous & judgmental people like Gary Devil etc…,

  2. What i really don’t understand is why refs are being treated as unquestionable? When players performs poor they get criticised by fans and gets benched, when manager performs poor they get sacked but refrees, you utter one word regarding their incompetence and you get banned. Wow. Is hitler runs the premier league?

  3. This guy acting like Arteta is the first manager to be critical in a post match interview. Media coverage of this has been a joke. No mention of the fact that the FA admitted they wanted to apply a harder standard to Arteta because of who he is and the club he manages.

  4. you know what i don't hear? how referees earn the criticism they receive with every match they officiate. "RESPECTING" THEM CHANGES NOTHING. CALL THEM OUT ON THEIR ERRORS.

  5. If they do that, then they would have succeeded in opening a ripple of unpleasant comments and possibly more. It is now clear they have an agenda against Arsenal and anyone who calls out their errors. By inferring that M. Arteta deserve to be punished simply because he coaches a big club , Arsenal, brings a lot of question like "which other area are they employing this kind of decision process?" . That is a bias statement.

    Today's game, Man City first goal was clearly an offside but the line was drawn at an angle. We see it all.

  6. Owen, Neville, Carager, you all don't think the FA has completely embarrassed itself by charging Arteta?, but you think Arsenal football club releasing a statement to back the coach they pay to lead their team is a disgrace?. The three of you are a complete disgrace to your former clubs and football as a whole.

  7. Referees are a "disgrace" in the Prem…period…full stop. In the FA charge, they actually to have the blinders on to say….we went after Arteta because of the standing of his club? WTF? Wolves have been ravaged as a club by the blatant incompetence of the referees..and yet no one cares when their manager rails, When Brighton is hard done and their manager proclaims he hates 80% of the referees..wow. A small Manchester contingent hold sway or the referee market of the most profitable league on planet earth…yet one foreign manager calls them out and he is singled out, while in the heart of their territory a Manchester side gets away with all manner of irregularities! No, let's just focus on yellow cards for over celebrating a last minute winner. This leadership ought to be ashamed that they care more about the managers technical box than offside and fouls in the box that "actually" influence the game. Increase Referee wages, establish a referee school to train them proper….and for the love of God, anywhere but Manchester.

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