‘Wholly disproportionate & unjust ruling” – Everton’s DoF on their 10 point deduction

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Everton’s Director of Football Kevin Thelwell has released a statement criticising the decision to dock the club 10 points for breachingthe Premier League’s profit and sustainability rules.

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26 thoughts on “‘Wholly disproportionate & unjust ruling” – Everton’s DoF on their 10 point deduction

  1. The thing about the points deduction that doesn’t sit well with me is that Everton, as a club, is being punished as a club, yet the club is in the process of being sold. This leaves me with a question that I think Chelsea fans may also want the answer to.

    What punishment is there for the owner of the club AT THE TIME OF THE OFFENCE?

    Assuming the 777 group takeover goes through, Everton has different owners who have done nothing wrong. Same for Chelsea if their case is punished, the rule break was under the Roman Abramovic era NOT the new owner.

  2. I don’t mean to sound harsh but how can anyone say this is an unjust punishment? It’s the first time a penalty has been given for FFP overspend in the PL, so there’s nothing to compare it to. Also please stop with all this “minor overspend” rubbish. Everton overspent by over £300 million. That’s a crazy way to run a business and the fans should be directing their frustrations at the owner for being so wreckless and gambling the future of their club. 10 points is a perfect penalty. Everton will stay up. It does however set the bar very high when they eventually are able to punish the likes of City and Chelsea and that’s a good thing.

  3. Only one person to blame at everton football club and that's the owner moshiri, everton supporters should sue moshiri for miss ownership of the club and demand season ticket money back etc, im urging everton supporters not to buy any merchandise from the club etc untill moshiri sells everton football club, moshiri out

  4. Come on Sky sports ypi fot to star to investigate the charges against Man City and ask what's happening at Cnelsea that have been far worse in fincial dealing s than Everton so be fair and honest in your reporting

  5. They have put there hands up said yes we've broke the rules it's the points that not fair ,ok then they will have to pay compensation coz they've admitted it.

  6. Sorry Everton signed up to the code of conduct and premier leauge rules, by signing to said rules they accept the fines they suffer, they broke the rules , cannot just decide you don't like the punishment, in retrospect there getting off lightly appeal could end up getting worse than just ten point deduction

  7. Sports media, 'defending' the football rule breaches of Everton. Why? Is maybe because other teams are looking down the proverbial barrel and said sports media is merely running defence?

  8. It wasn’t unjust. They lied, broke the rules and tried to cover it up. The deduction was based upon the premise that the independent counsel had unlimited punishment.

  9. 19.5 mil loss over 3 years when they were forced to cut ties with USM due to war in Ukraine and had to let a player they paid 45 mil walk for free over an accusation off the field. This should be well reduced on appeal.

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