‘Who would I Leave out?’ | Gareth Southgate explains why Raheem Sterling is not in the England squad

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Gareth Southgate has again left Raheem Sterling out of his England squad despite the Chelsea winger’s club form, with Jordan Henderson and James Maddison both included.

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50 thoughts on “‘Who would I Leave out?’ | Gareth Southgate explains why Raheem Sterling is not in the England squad

  1. I feel Gareth has a lot of worry of calling up players who may upset the squad bond. Hes created a harmony and consistency where England is like a club side and in many ways it works as we do well in tournaments. He sticks to what he believes in. With that being said, at the very least, Ward Prowse, Cole Palmer and Sterling though should be in the squad.

  2. Raheem has not just been a great contributor to what England have achieved, he has been a great contributor to what the most successful English club team of the last 5 years has achieved, something no other English attacking player can claim, not even close. I'm sorry, but the Italy team England beat would not have got past the quarter finals of the Italy team that beat England in the Euro final, they may not even make it to the next competition if it comes down to the last game against Croatia, so to think anything special has been achieved by the team he selected beating them twice is worryingly mistaken of the manager. But what is also worrying is that the manager does not realise that his objective should be to pick the best England team, not the team that won the last game or even beat a good team. Even if he beats the number one team he should be taking every opportunity to still improve and make the team even better. The fact he cannot see Raheem Sterling who has proved and achieved so much he is recognised as one of the best wingers in the world would make the team better is both a shocking idea and decision. It's very simple. People thought Chelsea were in trouble with a run of games against top sides ahead of them, but it has not turned out that way because of one man. Demolition man, Raheem Sterling creating panic in the opposition defense producing goals, goal assists and opposition players being sent off and penalties being won as they tried to deal with him. His name was the only name mentioned again and again by Pep after the game and when he said the former Man City players were a very important part of Man City success, there is only one man he could have been talking about, Raheem Sterling. His name was the only name, Klopp, the Liverpool manager mentioned again and again after playing Chelsea. Two great managers seeing his significant contributions and recognising him as the danger man and stand out in the Chelsea team, but pundits and the media would see hell freeze over before they would admit this or even see, such is their hatred of the player. You can bet your bottom dollar a player doing what he is doing at Chelsea would be hailed as Rooney and Gascoigne were, but not a black player, much as John Barnes was ignored and pushed out to play on the wing for England. I made an error in saying Sterling had a significant involvement in 10 out of Chelsea's last 16 goals, but that was an error. He has been involved in 11 out of Chelsea's last 16 goals, and I apologise to him for making that error. What an incredible statistic. When you add that to the statistic that he is both the highest assist provider for England and the second highest scorer, and that he almost single handedly dragged England to their first final in over 50 years, one has to ask the question. How is he not in the England team, let alone the England squad and how is a 21 year old who has scored nothing, but penalties, been hailed above him as the player responsible for Chelsea's successful performances by gthe media despite all the stats. It can only be racism. You are talking about the most successful and best paid English attacking player and one of the best wingers in the world who has proved himself again and again since the age of 17 criticised the whole way as not good enough throughout what are amazing achievements for a 28 year old. CHELSEA V ARSENAL – Against Arsenal it was his cross that won the penalty and his solo run into the box that dragged the goalie of the line with the ball accidentally going over his head. He could have taken the penalty, but allowed Palmer to take it to avoid an argument and a destruction of the teams concentration. Palmer had no right to demand to take it as the manager has not said he is the penalty taker and believes others are capable of taking penalties as well and should be allowed to if they want to. Palmer's insistence he take the penalties is therefore an act of petulance not leadership with other team players not prepared to have an argument on the pitch with a selfish 21 year old who is trying to mature into understanding what a team player is, which is fine because he is young and needs time. CHELSEA V TOTTENHAM – Against Tottenham, Sterling scored the disallowed goal against the run of play that made Tottenham check their confidence and it was Sterling that was being tackled as he did what he does best which is to create panic in the opposition box, attempting a dribble in the box that led to the foul that had the first player sent off as in tackling Sterling the Tottenham player lost control of the ball and was trying to get it back in control, resulting in him fouling a Chelsea player coming for the ball and being sent off reducing Tottenham to 10 men. Sterling was then fouled resulting in a red card and Tottenham being reduced to 9 men, and before it being Sterling that broke through the defense and leading by example to show how to get a goal setting up Jackson for a goal to put Chelsea ahead of Tottenham after his team mates had been struggling to get because of selfishness despite all their opportunities. CHELSEA V MAN CITY – Here you had Sterling in, not just a clear man of the match performance from which he was robbed, but a masterclass in a world class performance going toe to toe with the players of the best team in the world, toying with them and looking better than them. He scored the second goal to put Chelsea ahead for the first time and then in a stroke of genius with time running out delivered the ball like a grenade into the box that created panic in the box and resulted in a penalty that would draw Chelsea level. I would like to see the list of what it is those who claim Palmer has been the main man supports their argument. The list will be penalty, penalty, penalty, but even behind that the list would be penalty won by Sterling, penalty won by Sterling, etc as he involved in so much of the threat Chelsea provides on the pitch. We need to show our demolition man who has proved himself and has the medals and stats to back it up more respect. Forget what agenda the media have with all the negativity and disrespect they throw at him and the brainwashing people into believing it. Long may his relentless work and genius continue. Believe me, if England are to win anything, they will need his penalties being won, players being sent off trying to stop him, the chaos he causes in opposition defenses and his high stats in goals and assists as a must. No other England player can provide this much variety as a threat, not even close, and this why great managers value him and it is why Pep said he contributed to the great success of the Man City side. Not only this England Team's highest assist provider, but also this England team's second highest goal scorer. Peace and love

  3. "Who do I leave out?"…..how about Grealish who can't even out place a 21 year old? How about Rashford who has zero goals or assists? How about Henderson playing Sunday League? Or Philips who hasn't kicked a ball for club in 2 years? Maguire who needed 4 injuries at CB to get minutes?

  4. Southgate is a coward and if this team does go on to win anything, its because they are an exceptional bunch of players given to arguably the most mediocre manager you can give it to. If Mourinho was England manager we'd be at least 1 trophy up

  5. I am not from England, so I may see things differently, but Sterling is the biggest diver in the English team, which is why many international fans of English football really don't like him. I am glad he is not in the squad. I don't understand why Henderson an Maguire are still in though.

  6. Fair comment about who would you leave out – at least in the forward area but in terms of form he got to be in over Rashford surely?? I know Rashy had a immense season last year but Sterling looks unplayable for Chelsea atm

  7. I'm sorry, there is not a defender or defense in hell that would rather face Sterling than Rashford or Graelish, that is just common sense. With all due respect, 'Who would I leave out?' is a question if he cannot work out when you are talking about one of the world's most success and best wingers in the world of the last 5 years proving himself a significant contributor to the most successful team England has produced in over half a century and the most successful club team in the last 5 years, against players yet to prove themselves as major contributors to a team, you should not be the England manager. Graelish's career may soon be over at Man City, by the looks of things with a 21 year out performing him and being selected ahead of him who has only just started his time and schooling at City under Pep and Pep expects as with all his players to make much better. How can you see him as better than what Sterling has achieved who in contrast left Man City as the most selected player Pep had selected in his record breaking managerial career. A player who plays at a high level on both wings, and through the middle, a demand expected of a great winger Graelish cannot even fathom. A player hitting a high level with amazing consistency since the age of 17. And let's not talk about the other players Southgate finds it hard to understand why a player of such distinction should replace others still to prove themselves where Sterling has, including in his ability to almost single handedly drag a team to a final as only world class players can do, just as he is dragging Chelsea through a difficult run of games against the top sides surrounded by young players 'needing time to improve' as Pochettino says, because of injuries. And as for the Italy team toothless in attack England beat who may not make the Euros if it comes to the last game in Ukraine and would not have made it past the quarter finals in the competition they won or maybe even past the last 16, if he thinks that marks an improvement he really has to snap out of it. Peace and love

  8. No wonder England remains an under achiever. Musiala was right to chose Germany. France always find a way to accomodate all good players strategically not just for on field tactics. Future players eligible to play for other nations will prefer those nations to England. Raheem should have chosen Jamaica

  9. We all know someone high who shouldnt be the boss or is incapable of doing there job, this takes that to the absolute extreme he has steve holland holding his hand telling him what to do throughout games plus the mans on 5 million a year its incredible

  10. This man have a big club bias and strange loyalty to certain player. I still remembered when grealish played amazing with aston villa, but he still didnt got picked in place of sterling who back then played poor. But since grealish moved to city, he always got picked eventhough right now he played bad

  11. Grealish has 0 goals and 0 assists but is yet to be in the headlines meanwhile rashford has 1 goal and 1 assist his always in the headlines both of these players are in the England squad yet sterling has 4 goals and 1 assist so far can’t get in the England squad people have there agendas against certain players I believe it’s mad though how grealish never gets criticised even if he goes on a 3 day bender what a bloke if it’s rashford he would get slaughtered 😂

  12. Something definitely has gone on. How can he not be in the squad? He is one of the best forwards playing at the minute. If he does not go, England have no chance of winning anything.

  13. Sterling is waaaay better than a lot of who is in the squad. If you don't know who to take out , then shouldn't be the coach of England. He has undeniably been one of the best attacking players I'm the this season. He's carrying Chelsea on his back. He's leading by example, he's in top form.

  14. He picked a few players who aren't in form . He admitted thst sterling is in form and playing brilliantly for his club but Gareth didn't picked him, why though whe Gareth said he picks players who are inform. He bias to even ask , who should he leave out. Well you should leave out the players who are not inform and select Raheem sterling who you said is in top form and playing great for his club. Not choosing sterling, means you've contradicted yourself and still contradicting yourself

  15. Southgate is a genius. Maguire and henderson never gets injured so they are consistent in an England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 shirt 👕.
    England will win the next euros 🏆. It’s coming HOME 🏡 and not to Rome. 😂

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