Who will win the Premier League? | Paul Merson confident Arsenal can claim the title this season

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The Soccer Saturday panel discussed who they each think will win the Premier League this season.

Arsenal legend Paul Merson is confident his former side can go on to win the Premier League this season.

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45 thoughts on “Who will win the Premier League? | Paul Merson confident Arsenal can claim the title this season

  1. Everyone said it was a one off for us last season. This proves it wasn't. Merson is right. Arteta is conserving our energy this season. If we're top in January, I don't see us losing the title this time.

  2. Liverpool fans: We're 2nd on the table, it's early December – We have a good chance of making CL
    Arsenal Fans: We're top of the table, it's early December – We're gonna win the league

  3. I’m highly confident city will still win it. The last 3 results I think people read too much into them. Spurs are a bogey team for city under Pep at the best of times, and the draws against Chelsea and Liverpool are just results that can happen as they are top teams.

    City still have Arsenal at home. Say for instance that game is played next and city win they go above Arsenal on GD.

    Of course they are playing poorly now, but they’ll stay in contention and then build up momentum going into the run in.

    Come on guys, you’ve seen this one before.

  4. Arsenal has certainly shown they can win it. The key result was their match against Man city on Oct 8 which they won. That match proved that they've overcome the cold feet of being champions which they suffered from last season. This result proves they're now more comfortable with being top of the league table for extended periods, and winning their main rival. The only thing left to overcome is injuries, if they overcome this then definitely they should snatch the premier league title this season.

  5. Arsenal can do it it but it will take a bit of luck and they just need to not get overwhelmed like how they did last season. They’ve got better squad depth than last season which could probably take them to the end of the season, the only downside is I just wonder how they’ll perform in cup competitions in the latter stages.

  6. With arsenal it dpend on what they do in january because they tend to drain out in last 15-10games. So if there is no reliable bckup cover once either saliba or gabriel out.. or rice out w partey being injured all the time. Attack win u games defence win u title

  7. I'm convinced that the English media is too stupid to understand why Raya is Arteta's no. 1. It just shows that they just don't understand the playing out the back, controlling the ball and possesion playstyle trend that Pep has started.

    If people carefully watch Ramsdale and compare to Raya, Raya's decision making when it comes to going long and going short is very very good apart from that start he made against City. Ramsdale dallies on the ball too much, his decision making is not good because his passes are usually to the wrong man and they are put under additional pressure and usually comes back to ramsdale or when Ramsdale goes long it's either out for a throw-in or the opposition gains back possession 90% of the time, if you look at the stats Ramsdale is one of the worst in the league at this and he was exposed severely at the end of last season which people are too myopic to see. Raya is actually very good at both short and going long especially, he almost always finds his man, his passes are much weighted overall and we just have better control of the ball and then entire game as a result. And the biggest thing is Raya is very comfortable playing this style, whereas Ramsdale is always hesistant and unsure of this style and you can clearly see he is uncomfortable the entire time.

    Raya's stats speaks for itself, he has the second best passing stats behind Ederson and while Ramsdale iirc was 22nd which is just god awful. I love Ramsdale, absolutely love the guy, but these are cold hard facts.

    Look at the game against Wolves, Wolves press really well and whenever Raya had the ball, he is extremely calm and quick, and I think Wolves pressed much better than Brentford, yet we were in cruise control of the game playing from the back until that Zinchenko mistake.

    Also what is this nonsense of Arteta's decision might not be supported by players. The entire squad is fully supportive of every single player. Look at Leno's game against Villa his last for Arsenal, the entire squad came and showed their support and hugged him especially after he had a fantastic game keeping a clean sheet and making a save with the last kick of the game. This entire squad just has incredible togetherness.

    And then the very last comment in this video "it hasnt worked out for im this far". Absolutely laughable. Arsenal may need be as fluid going forward, but we have far better control of the ball this season and we are the best defense in the league with the least amount of chances given away looking at the expected goals conceded stat. It clearly has worked lmao. We just have better control now than last season. Ever since Raya has come in we have more control of the ball, I wish I could find the possession stats since Raya came in compared to Ramsdale's games and then compare it to last season with the amount of chances conceded as well.

  8. People seem to forget every season that City rarely ever start off the season strong…
    Almost every season, people doubt City & question their form but the second half of the season, they just become a different kind of beast
    Not sure how they do it but it’s year in, year out 😅
    So I’m still expecting City to switch gears & propel themselves in the title race

  9. Emery has a problem when he manages a top side and he faces a defensive set up. His style of football requires sitting back and counter-attacking. This is why he wasn't successful at Arsenal.

  10. Arsenal will win the league I wouldn't be surprised if they made the champions league final either Declan rice will be the difference for them saliba and Gabriel are solid David raya I'd put on the bench for the Villa game put Ramsdale back in goal Jesus is picking up form havertz is going from strength now he will be awesome after a few more games in my opinion timber to come back aswell strong squad

  11. Choose who you'd like, everyone has their favorites, but if it weren't for an admitted failing of refereeing vs TOT, Liverpool would have a 27 match unbeaten streak in the Prem, dating back to Bournemouth in March, a match after we emptied our tanks for a 7-0 victory over ManUtd. Jus' saying, there are favorites, and there are The Favorites.

  12. if Arsenal win the title this season there will be an excuse city threw it away from the media Arsenal haven't challenged for the league in at least for 12 years there was an excuse last season for finishing second we bottled it when we were well ahead of the rest blowing teams away it was a one off and will never have a chance again top again the same time as last year

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