Which Premier League players could be on the move in January? | Good Morning Transfers

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Harriet Prior, James Savundra and Flex discussed the players that could be on the move in January on this morning’s edition of Good Morning Transfers.

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50 thoughts on “Which Premier League players could be on the move in January? | Good Morning Transfers

  1. It’s the same as Sam Johnson and dean henderson there both good enough to be palaces number 1 I dunno why palace Balt Henderson…ramsdale and raya there equal quality ramsdale needs to push for a January move but I think he won’t be allowed to leave till the summer

  2. I’d like to recommend everyone on UTD should be transferred except Garnacho . I don’t care about Maguire recent form . He caused man utd so many games I still believe he’s a liability . We need solid ball playing tall 👀👀 defenders to complement a new ball playing Goalkeeper . I’ll personally make sure O’Nana doesn’t return after the AFCON. Fire ten Hag strip it down and start a rebuild . Keep only Garnacho

  3. All this talk about players moving what about coaches . Cause I’ll sure like to see Ten Hag and Poch gone . Man utd no matter how relevant y’all wanna make them by continuously covering them won’t hide the fact that they’re a practically clueless organization. Agents see it as hot cake for their lemons and that’s y Varane and Casemiro signed . Look what that did. It’s like that one loose girl in college or the neighborhood that everyone f k s . That’s man utd

  4. Sancho at Man Utd has not worked because he is a turd that is often late to training. Phillips has proven he does not care otherwise he would have gone in the summer. Both paid too much to care.

  5. As an Arsenal fan, it makes no sense what Arteta is doing with Ramsdale. Both keepers are going to be a lot more nervous without an established number 1 it’s actually making things worse in my opinion. No PL team has won it with rotating keepers…

  6. soo many of these companies and workers get more money than i will ever earn and they do not even try to understand the game. they just focus and please the corrupt six everyone is soo clueless. why would Brentford sell toney in January, the 100m price is to avoid that they have currently 2 players who make their starting 11 regularly, they lose two important players to the afcon like can they try to earn their jobs please corrupt six media and fans you are already killing England's chances every tournament is that not bad enough

  7. Arteta is a mad man for having two great keepers in the same camp, he wants competition that he left both keepers in nervous position.

    When one keeper gets a start he's concerned about not making error so much so that he actually do it.

    The other sitting on the bench wondering how the rest of his career is gonna end up.

    What Arteta need to have a really goo keeper and solid back up.

    Put your energy is strengthing the defense and other out field players.

    What he's doing now can end up costing him the league.

  8. Really liked Raya of Brentford than of Arsenal, when he was at Brentford he used to make classic saves but ever since he came at Arsenal am always afraid when i see opponents shooting at goal because i don't know what to expect. Maybe maybe maybe Unai Simon of Athletic Bilbao might be an upgrade on both. C'mon Arteta sign Unai Simon………

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