What's in my Camera Bag? My Photo + Video Gear (2020)

Sharing the bag, cameras, and lenses I’m using right now. See more on my newly refreshed website: https://allisonanderson.com/camera-gear
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The gear page on my website: https://allisonanderson.com/camera-gear

WANDRD PRVKE 21L backpack https://amzn.to/3dtYQrA

Sony a7iii https://amzn.to/2UG1QZ8

Sony 24mm f/1.4 GM lens https://amzn.to/3dw8w4I

Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 lens https://amzn.to/2WI7tJ2

PolarPro Lens Defender https://amzn.to/3duqQLF

Zeiss Batis 85mm f/1.8 lens https://amzn.to/3boztFI

Sony RX100 vii https://amzn.to/2Uk1AjN

UURig Microphone Mount https://amzn.to/3ajueXT

Rode Videomicro https://amzn.to/3bmqkxe

Manfrotto Pixi Tripod https://amzn.to/2JhMl4m

DJI Osmo Pocket https://amzn.to/3bu9oVY


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40 thoughts on “What's in my Camera Bag? My Photo + Video Gear (2020)

  1. Just found your channel and love your style so much! Curious, do you have a video of how you got started in travel photography? It’s something I have been thinking about possibly doing. Thanks!

  2. No wonder your content always looks flawless because u use the best camera equipment! Also love travel photography, and your solo trips are the best on here! ☺️👍🏾👏🏾📸🎥🌈

  3. LOVE. I'm a professional videographer and your gear and my gear are SO SIMILAR! I really appreciated how detailed you are in why you chose certain things!! I feel like most of my favorite guy gear head youtubers don't lean towards the same gear as me. It's so nice to see another videographer with a similar setup. <3

  4. Hi Allison!

    I know this comment is a few weeks late but can you tell me about filming in water and stuff? I assumed you were using a Gopro for your footage like paddleboarding in Portugal for example. Is the little camera you mentioned waterproof? Thanks! xoxo

  5. Thank you for putting this post together. We are just getting started with our travel YouTube channel and have just been using the IPhone and go pro – but can see ourselves needing to get something more powerful for the future. We do have 2 Sony Nex 5s which are over 6 years old now but do you think that’s a good place to start? I do struggle between wanting to be able to snap and post quickly (ie Instagram) vs taking a photo or video then going home to edit it and get it online – how do you balance that at the moment?

  6. Our vlog setups are almost identical. I have the Sony HX80 which is VERY close to the RX100 but it was more budget friendly. Somehow I never thought to check if it had a mic plugin though I guess because I never had an issue with audio… I really should check that. The zoom on that thing really is insane.

  7. You mentioned in your recent Q&A that you learned everything about photography from the internet. I would love to know if you have any favourite youtubers or blogs that you’ve learned from! I’ve always wanted to improve at photography, but feel a little lost on where to start! It’d also be great to hear from you about how you got started, any great beginners cameras (that aren’t 2 grand!), etc.

  8. Honestly I've already watched so many video's on camera equipment and I keep coming back to Allisons because she explains it all in such a foolproof and interesting way. Still not sure on what camera to invest in though… there's so much choice!

  9. Do you think you're able to carry a a6500 + sigma 16 and 30 + gopro 8 + mavic air 2 in the bottom compartment and a weebil s on the top along with a small bag for cables/batteries? It's so hard to vizualize that only by watching videos and I don't want to end up ordering the 31 and figuring it's way too big for what I need! Thanks a lot!

  10. Wondering why did you changed Fuji and Canon to both Sony? Have been using Fuji XT-II and planning to change before I build with more lenses because the lenses I wanted to use are very heavy and almost same price with sony ones and sony for solo photographers likeme easier to shot as Fuji app and focus is horrible

  11. Really enjoying your video right up until I saw the Sony cameras. I just can’t do Sony products I’ve had run-ins with the customer service I just can’t buy anything from that company again. I’ve had more than my fair share of many different Sony products but dealing with their customer service just left such a bad taste in my mouth and I wouldn’t give them another penny.

  12. I’ve been watching a lot of reviews for the Wandrd Prvke series to figure out if I should get the 21L or 31L and this is honestly the first one I’ve watched that actually answers most of my questions.

    Most other videos have been from men who are over 6’ and recommend the 31L. But as a woman on the smaller side I’ve been concerned that it would be too big for every day use. I was hesitant to get the 21L though because I also want something that is big enough to travel with and will fit more than just the bare minimum gear.

    I’ve been especially curious about the best camera cube choices because the big pro camera cube feels like overkill for my small mirrorless kit, so your solution of getting the smaller cube and getting a second cube for the top if needed is a stroke of genius! I honestly might copy your whole setup here.

    Thank you for being so thorough! I love your stuff and it’s great to see these kind of gear videos from another woman in the industry.

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