What's going on between Ousmane Dembele and Barcelona?

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Rumours around Ousmane Dembele’s future at Barcelona continue, Dharmesh Sheth and Kaveh Solhekol shed light on football’s latest transfer saga.

‘As you know, there are negotiations ongoing. I leave that to my agent; it’s his field’. Dembele has recently said in a lengthy Instagram post.

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29 thoughts on “What's going on between Ousmane Dembele and Barcelona?

  1. Is Dembele even that good? He honestly seems like a 25M£ player right now if you discard Chris Wood transfer. Taking into account the crazy amount of talent in the french squad, he should not even consider WC22.

  2. Football clubs need to stop overpaying for footballers. There was only ever one $90M-$100M footballer worth the money (24 year old Ronaldo). Everyone after has been a flop. And this isn’t Monopoly money we’re talking about. There’s major corporations that make less than $100M in annual profit

  3. The kid is a dazzled player. Trying to victimize himself making those numbers, it's just outraging.
    If don't drop the attitude will end up in bottom table team from a satellite football league.

  4. The problem is with Barcelona…it's a graveyard of talented and gifted players. For long years I can't remember a player who was great in his original team and after moving to Barcelona didn't fade away and became a rubbish player. Barcelona is a graveyard of the good players.

  5. Idk why this was in my recommended but to see that Barca has fallen so low that they’ve resorted to publicly blackmailing/extorting players is shocking

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