What happens next now that Everton have appealed their points deduction?

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Vinny O’Connor discusses the next steps in the process after Everton submitted an appeal against thier 10-point deduction.

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26 thoughts on “What happens next now that Everton have appealed their points deduction?

  1. Everton need to grow up and take there punishment for the rules they have broken other clubs had to take there medicine points deducted transfer embargos being expelled from the league what makes them think they are any different from other clubs? get on with it

  2. No city investigation of course not oh no because that would be so wrong to punish money bags Manchester city who are seen as the big boys of football.
    City generate vast sums of money into the united kingdom from over seas and for them to be punished it would not be good for the premier league.

  3. Even as a Liverpool fan, I hope they succeed in overturning this decision. Its not as if they won titles and cups like another team from thier supposedly wrong doing. Fining or punishing a team like Everton is a joke. I personally think the Premiership needs to focus thier attention elsewhere. YNWA

  4. Everton have surely submitted a very strong appeal to mitigate very much the 10 points deduction and hopefully nullifying it altogether.
    Must trust that the Premier League's Appeal Board is much more sensible than the (independent) commission.

  5. Not a Everton fan but this is total unfair and disgusting and shows true corruption in football if man city have 114 breaches why can't they try them for a few now not all at once I'n years to come seems like a load of rubbish to me and the premier league board have there favourites and others they perscute vile and derranged league it's is

  6. I thought boxing had its corruption and fixing welcome to the premier league where they crap on the smaller clubs and let the clubs owned by Arabs and who can bung a few brown envelopes there way get away with anything as it brings them revenue how disgusting and sky sports are part of the problem as well

  7. lol takes them 5 mins to take 10 points off us give them back by march

    As for the other clubs all trying to get money and kick us while we are down

    Go ahead but you have to show your own accounts when trying to sue us

    Eff you all hopefully we never forget these teams and beat you and will never be at our level

  8. Everton have gotten off extremely lightly with the punishment taking this long. They should've had a points deduction in either of the previous 2 seasons and went down. At this stage a transfer ban would probably be worse for them than a points deduction

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