What does Pep Guardiola think of the FIFA Club World Cup changes coming in 2025?

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Pep Guardiola and Bernando Silva spoke ahead of Manchester City’s first game at the Club World Cup, the last tournament in it’s current iteration.

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37 thoughts on “What does Pep Guardiola think of the FIFA Club World Cup changes coming in 2025?

  1. Also there will be more Champions League matches than ever. More World Cup matches than ever. And the football split across several different broadcasting networks.

  2. They should stop this nations league which is a unnecessary tournament in which they are increasing the games too, in world cups they are increasing, In UCL they are increasing, in Euros they are increasing, making a new club world cup with more games do they think of players as some kind of superhumans with powers??

  3. its crazyy to be honest they just are making money they dont care about the player and its not interisting anymore basically any time will play every 3 days just say goodbye to watch a good game the bench will play no doubts

  4. The greatest philosopher of modern times is asked the biggest question concerning humanity at this time…without his hugely lucky tactic and answer the earth is struggling 2 spin on its axis…and the philosopher still remains unemployed and continues to get lucky with tactics that lasts only 90 mints every week….🎉🎉🎉

  5. The World Club Cup has never been more than an exotic form of the Super Cup. Something you expect Real Madrid to win and don't really pay attention to. The thing is, there might well be a team from Asia or outside of Europe that wins it, not because they're better but because the European teams will be exhausted and disinterested in playing 7 games in between a league season. Fifa are gangsters and it's criminal what they get away with. I barely watch football now.

  6. Liverpool, England most successful club in Europe and at home is locked out of the club World Cup, Manchester City is 10 years old and Chelsea is finished, but they represent the country of England 😂🤣

  7. I am afraid to say that i am still going to watch the tournament despite all the complaints, this is a blow to the super league, Arsen Wenger was right that if FIFA does not create this tournament the clubs will participate in other tournaments and FIFA will not make money, basically FIFA is jealous that big teams tour the world by playing international club games in preparation for the new season and making money, so FIFA want their mafia cut hence the creation of this tournament, brilliant move by FIFA well played Wegner.

  8. its outrageous how do you expect players to have 2 weeks off in-between seasons? players will pick up more injuries and retire earlier. For the well being of the players they should have June/July and part of august off.

  9. Pep is right and of course its more difficult for players thats why we're already witnessing so many injuries and long term injuries but as he said what else we could do but if FIFA/UEFA they're all up to it for more and more games throughout the year so at least they should now give more flexibilities to the clubs i mean clubs should be allow to have more players extra players in the squad or something like this to avoid injuries to save Footballers careers

  10. FIFA = Fatal International Future Anger

    FIFA says yes to Russia to be the host of the world cup in 2018…after that, Russia is in geopopolitical conflit in 2022.
    FIFA says yes to Qatar to be the host of the world cup in 2022…after that, arab countries who were working on improving their political relations…in 2023 they are now in geopolitical conflit.

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