Trump speaks with Nigerian, South African leaders

U.S. President Donald Trump has promised enhanced military support to Nigeria. The pledge was made during a phone call with President Muhammadu Buhari. The U.S. President also spoke to South African President Jacob Zuma about trade and security. From New York, William Denselow reports


7 thoughts on “Trump speaks with Nigerian, South African leaders

  1. The United States has white extremists running the country. Trump cares nothing about Africa's well being or the African people. He only cares about American interest.

  2. If Trump does not protect Nigeria, not only Islam, but also China would take over Nigeria. China has already setup an economic foothold in Africa. They control many businesses and are building out more. If China or Islam take over Africa, there would be no religious freedom there. Africans know what is at stake. That is why you see Trump rallies in Nigeria.

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