Toyota’s INSANE NEW Battery Admits No Competition!

It’s GAME OVER for Tesla and other major EV manufacturers, as Toyota just revealed their completely new, cutting-edge battery, allowing Toyota’s EVs to dominate the entire EV industry! Koji Sato recently announced that Toyota cars of the future will have numerous unseen features. However, by far the most notable, and most revolutionary change will be the aforementioned new EV battery.

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24 thoughts on “Toyota’s INSANE NEW Battery Admits No Competition!

  1. Resistance is futile. Individuals who makes this videos are geeting paid making dumb claims. Ammonia engine, then hydrogen, whats next, engines that run on garbage. Yeah yeah yeah, garbage just lime this video

  2. Nanaflowcell is the most formidable among hydrogen energy, not EV, not reciprocating engine, no mechanism to convert water to hydrogen, has – & + ions tanks – 33 gallons each tank, 1,200 miles range and can generate up to 950HP, and source of fuel is the unlimited ocean; definitely, by product is just H2O, just like hydrogen car of Toyota.; this technology is being processed in the advancement of electrochemistry.

  3. How many times do we hear "This is the end of Tesla"? "Insane new technology" ? "Game changing" – It's all BULLSH*T!! Just like the "Water engine" that's going to destroy the EV industry….

  4. How about infrastructure? The difference with combustion and ev is that if demand in crises, they can send another tank of gasoline to petrol station, while for ev you have to have a permanent solution in place, it cost a lot of money.

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