Toyota CEO: This New Engine Will Destroy The Entire EV Industry!

get ready to dive into the future of Toyota as it’s developing a new Water powered engine to destroy its competition. in today’s video, we will explore the concept of Water Engines and its plan to dominate the entire automotive industry with its help.

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30 thoughts on “Toyota CEO: This New Engine Will Destroy The Entire EV Industry!

  1. It will destroy the entire Humanity and the planet, without water we can survive, pollution will be thousands and thousands bad, that's why we don't have stem trains no more, water is vital for every a live beings and plants, LOL..😅😅😢😢

  2. We had a guy in the 70s over here in this USA. He converted his doom buggy running on drinking water and he got it and they found it the news film him Driving his dune buggy riding with only drinking water. Hey splitting the water into the basic elements hydrogen and oxygen to run his dune buggy I can’t remember I think that was in Iowa or Indiana. But mysteriously that guy died in the early 90s. You can’t so buy videos of him explaining every damn bit of how that actually works and how you get it. Just woke politicians in the oil industry do not want this technology to be out there for the masses they’re losing profitability from it.

  3. I'm not sure I understand why they don't mention that this car will need a battery to split the water into Hydrogen and Oxygen. The energy required to do this is not insignificant. I don't know how much energy is required but there will be a battery…probably fairly large. The water will also need to be pure, like distilled water. I think the presentation calls this "dilute" which is not appropriate. Just like lead-acid batteries need pure water to minimize poisoning the lead surface with salts commonly found in tap water, so would this system. This purification will require energy as well. So, is this system more efficient than the energy stream used for EV or even combustion engines? Probably equivalent. Is it cleaner than combustion? Yes, if the source of the electrical energy is clean. And, the battery will be a typical Lithium battery like those used in EVs.

  4. There is a problem with this…… The combustion of Hydrogen produces water. However since water is the initial fuel. They are suggesting they put water in get water out and produce a lot of energy in the process…… Einstein said Energy can neither be created nor destroyed…… So where is it coming from ?

  5. This tech exist way back before, but was suppressed, this technology was bought from someone else whom we hope to be credited, but in this case, I think they will never do.

  6. EVs them selfs are clean but where do you think the power comes from ? We rely on dirty fuel-burning plants to produce electricity to charge our cars. Water is going to present a whole new set of problems, clean drinking water is getting expensive enough as it is without having to put it in your car for one thing. Just trading problems does not solve anything.

  7. I built a toy car with my kids that used small pv chips to power splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen. it was a fantastic little car! Eventually the pv chips died. And the little car got it's axles gummed up with pet hair from the carpet (!). I would love to have a full size version that solves the bugs of the toy version!

  8. Just another variation of the perpetual motion scam. There is no way to get more chemical energy out of hydrogen than the energy required to split it from water, no matter what excuse is used, resonance or otherwise. Due to human nature, there are always enough gullible people to fleece.

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