Tottenham’s high press analysed | Soccer Sunday

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Ange Postecoglou’s reign at Spurs has been full of change, this has been particularly apparent in the side’s attacking style.

The high press and high line tactics employed by Tottenham’s new manager have been working very well of late but are they also a detriment to the sides defensive capabilities?

The Soccer Sunday team take a deep dive into Tottenham’s style of play under Ange Postecoglou.

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36 thoughts on “Tottenham’s high press analysed | Soccer Sunday

  1. Look at Spurs fans making injury excuses as smokescreen to mitigate their failures "Ohh but we didn't have Maddison and Van der Veen" .. what a load of CRAP 😂

    Did they think winning the league is so easy that you can cruise through out the 38 games just becuz they were leading the first 10 games??
    What do they think this is, FC 24??making excuses as if the history books and the Prem title itself would recognize his tears and excuses and jump into their trophy cabinet for consolation..

    The weight of their ball knowledge is much heavier than their club's trophy cabinet ..
    I hope Spurs finish 7th just to see them in conference league

  2. It wasn't just 1 game, they've lost their last 2. Which you could say is partly caused by Postecoglou's unwillingness to play a situational type of football. I feel his style is a little old fashioned but im interested to see if it can be successful in todays football landscape.

  3. It's crazy as if other teams never press, sometimes i wonder if they do it on purpose, thinking we are fools or just because they have 0 football knowledge. Ofc any team know how to press and when to press, when ur team is leading why on earth would they press

  4. 1) Spurs passing was lazy
    2) Poor decisions made in the final 3rd
    #1 was the biggest issue that no one has mentioned except it being touched on here.

    Passes had no intent, they were trying to be cute and they failed to settle the ball before passing (AKA hacking at it).

    Spurs could have and should have won that game even with the likes of Dier in the back.
    It looks like Ange changed up tactics to account for the players on the pitch but they just couldn't put a string of passes together after 3 minutes!

    To all the Spurs supporters and pundits talking about Spurs pushing for the title; no. And this, as well as depth on the bench, is why they most likely won't. Anything can happen but top 4, at best 5/6th realistically if we don't see January movement.

  5. Ange must remember that even your baby can wake up one Saturday or Sunday morning and decide to give you a fine beating. This is the epl not the Scottish league. If you don't adjust and use your tactics right. You will get destroyed.

  6. 3 main culprits who conceded 63 goals defending in a 541 played yesterday. Its basic maths that the trio will concede two goals per game. Not only do they concede, all their weight is on the back foot hence no real passes forward except long balls. Just give the kids a chance.

  7. Ahh relief for all the negative hate filled people who had to sit quietly while this manager did some positive things. Thank goodness for the suspensions and injuries, your time has come to spew your venom again, enjoy!

  8. So we’re two loses in a row and suddenly there is a murmur of complaining about Ange. I still back him 110% – he’s done wonders in our performance but most importantly, desire. Yes, Wolves was not a great performance but I still saw a team that desired success, wanted it, but was out of sync and a little uncomfortable with the style . Much of the team was different and perhaps not instinctively used to playing this style. Imagine going from a Boss that berated every defensive mistake publicly to a boss that supported your ‘risk’ 100% – it’s going to take some time to trust that things are different. This is as much a psychological problem as it is with style and pace. I trust Ange can improve the squad but he’s still working with a hand tied behind his back until he gets his best players back and I hope some support in the transfer window.

  9. High pressing game is very exhausting. You cant play it at every single game. Not surprising with the current results, its taking a toll on the players

  10. The praise Ange got was too much. Kind fixture list, new manager bounce and a fair bit of luck as well. And even some of the weaker teams they played, they struggled to get past. I said before the season that he’d struggle, so we shall see… this ain’t managing Celtic in the Scottish league 😀

  11. Give Ange 2 transfer windows to show what his teams can do. The fact they started so well is great considering they loss the best striker in PL a week before the season started. The bloke is a champ stay Strong Spur fans you have the right man.

  12. Why are you calling this Soccer? Don't let Americanism change the name of our sport.
    Can you imagine us changing the names of their sports.
    Yer! I don't think so.
    They don't allow it. So why do we? Thanks

  13. Weird how they are sympathetic to Tottenham and Ange but Ten Hag needs to get sacked and Man United are the worst team on the planet while they have the same issues.. Injuries

  14. i hope lo celso get extra intensive training, he is good actually, play similar as Maddison, play good at villareal. i hope its not about language. long waaayyy to go mates, hope all of you stay healthy n fit, n not get booked. COYS!

  15. 12 games, 8 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses, and sitting 4th on the table. The only issue for Tottenham is squad depth which Ange has already said is what needs to be worked on. He's been honest from the start as well about the style of play and the risk/reward that it comes with. It's clear as day Tottenham need squad depth. Ange knows it and is working on it but they need to wait until January.

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