Tottenham & Jermain Defoe reportedly break agent rules

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The Sun’s Charlie Wyett & The Daily Mail’s Riath Al-Samarrai discuss a report in The Times that Tottenham & Jermain Defoe broke FA agent rules when the striker moved to Portsmouth in January 2008.

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46 thoughts on “Tottenham & Jermain Defoe reportedly break agent rules

  1. I like how everyone is now “we cant look into everyone since the inception” oh so when it’s not city we can let things go? And before the “115 times” tards start, cheating is cheating remember. 😂

  2. The FA can’t sort out issues today let alone something that happened 10+ years ago! Get a grip look to the future not the past! They going to look back at every goal that wasn’t given with var???? No

  3. The thing people have to understand here is that FFP has not been put in place to make football fair and equal to everyone. FFP is the outcome of trying to keep the elite to stay (and not break away as they as they have tried to though) and in power for ever more.

    It is basically becoming impossible for a small club to rise to the top. When a new club comes along whom threatens the elite (red. Newcastle to name one) the elite fights dirty and FIFA (or the domestic government body) reacts with bans, new rule, sanctions and what not.

    The best thing for football right now would be to remove FFP!

  4. This is a joke, dont wanna do the business with city/chelsea but wanna go back to 08 for us 😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️ if we get charged for ANYTHING im done.

  5. I’m an Arsenal fan. But I am a football fan as well. I have watched lots of documentaries about the game in general. There are some horrible narcissist nefarious people involved in the game. And they are in it for one reason only. Money. In lots of cases they pull the strings. For some of them it’s a toy, they are that rich. They decide who goes where, and for what price. The game needs cleaning up on a mammoth scale.

    It needs strict regulations, transparency in transfer deals, capping of agents fees, abolish VAR until it becomes faultless, capping of players wages, and above all it needs every football fan’s trust.

    I am hugely suspicious of clubs being run overseas, and this needs to be stopped and reversed in all cases.

    I agree without question what the EPL are currently doing. Clubs are businesses and they should be run as such. Maybe some points deductions at the end of the season for those who have broken the rules would soon straighten up some clubs. And for the those who have contravened the rules on a larger scale then relegation to the lower leagues must be implemented.

  6. Relegate them !!!
    PL are investigating Manchester City from 2009, 30 of the 115 charges relate to a £900k payment Mancini received for training an Abu Dhabi club prior to him taking charge of Manchester City.
    The reporters are doing there best to downplay the Spurs breach but flapping his lines big style. I wonder how many more of these allegations Manchester City will be raising for the FA and PL to take a look at ??? 😀😃😄😁💙 CTID.

  7. Man city have to be the luckiest club in tje history of football. Went from a bang average, at best club to one of the richest clubs in world football overnight, before ffp was invented so could take complete advantage and just spend what they liked. Went under investigation for over 100 ffp charges and still lead no punishment while a fellow club gets one and has a 10 point deduction. There's absolutely ZERO chance city have done everything by the book and are just where they are based on pure merit absolutely non.

  8. Everyone is a culprit at something. If every team is investigated there is something there, so the chats of city and Chelsea relegation are disingenuous and will trigger the investigation of everyone

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