‘Too much stick, not enough carrot’ | What’s the feeling on Erik ten Hag at Manchester United?

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Sky Sports News chief reporter Kaveh Solhekol has the latest news on Manchester United’s proposed takeover and Erik ten Hag’s future at the club.

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30 thoughts on “‘Too much stick, not enough carrot’ | What’s the feeling on Erik ten Hag at Manchester United?

  1. What Kaveh is saying is too a point correct and to a point wrong too. Erik Ten Hag has put arm on Jadon's shoulder and gave him space and training when he was dealing with mental health issues last year. That means he had to leave him off training and send him to Netherlands for personal coaching. So Erik is already one up when it comes to Erik vs Jadon situation. So I urge sky sports, when sharing a story or point, please share the story from all angles of the situation and not just sell the narrative the Erik ten Hag or group of players are wrong. There is no base to that argument. Every United fan knows that. Also, Where Jadon stands in the standoff with Erik is, his right winger position choice over Antony who has been poorly functioning with no goals in several games, in that case favoring Antony over Jadon as a regular starter with no performances is wrong choice by Erik Ten Hag.

  2. Carrot 🥕 and all that nonsense!
    He sent the boy away for 3 months whilst he was still being heftily getting paid. So spare us the whole crap of putting an arm around his shoulder.
    How about him turning on match day and show us some brilliance?

  3. From the moment eth had a bbq with the players and their families when the season had already started, I knew something was wrong. You don’t do that if everything was fine. I knew he was struggling to connect with the players. The man’s a bit of a robot. His man management will be his downfall. I know Ronaldo didn’t make it easy but that situation is also another example

  4. I struggle to understand United fans who want underperforming players to be terminated or sold but when it comes to an underperforming gaffer, they shout “back the manager and trust the process”

  5. Ten Hag gave Sancho loads of time off last season to get his head straight. He comes back and stinks out the place again and again. Time to stop this culture of blaming managers, particularly when they have already tried the “arm around the shoulder” technique and cast the spotlight over players who earn more in a week than some will over their entire lives…

  6. Eth is nt our problem these sh*t glazers nt selling n nt backing him up with d right players is a problem plus we hv been rock by injuries on our vital players so far dis season let Eric breath

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