Title chances of the Premier League’s Top 5

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The Opta supercomputer has predicted the title chances of the current top 5 in the Premier League.

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34 thoughts on “Title chances of the Premier League’s Top 5

  1. These guys are so called experts…meet more people with football knowledge down the pub

    Man City have a lot of key players injured plus they have lost Gundagon who was arguably 2nd best player last season, important goals

  2. Next time please get us some mindful pundits your guys are sooo clueless OMG everything there the narratives the reasoning dreadful.Nothing there makes sense if at all easily clear.Pull up your socks

  3. Arsenal and Liverpool to finish 1 or 2. Villa and Spurs 3 or 4. That's the top 4. City docked 30-50 points for financial breaches and finish just above relegation. However, still pick City to repeat the UCL crown.

  4. Love the fact the opening games draw against Chelsea, people were banging on about Chelsea and how good they played against us etc. Oh, and how much this was their season, quietly writing us off. NOW LOOK loool

  5. Im sorry but i just love how Liverpool fans think their the underdogs like what 😂 if anything Arsenal are after one lose cause of dodgy refereeing people are now saying Villa will finish above us, Liverpool are liked by rivals fans but Arsenal are deplored beyond belief

  6. Having played most of the top 10 away, Liverpool probably have a great chance (100% record at home too), would probably be further ahead if not for the VAR farce at Spurs, this week will be key, they've got United and Arsenal at home.

  7. Yall think so small of Villa like i kept telling everyone Villa is not the same weak team that it was in the past. The caliber they pushing lately is indeed something you cant denied they are a threat to ruin it for these big teams!

  8. In 1981 Aston Villa no-one gave Villa a chance of winning the Title, or Winning Rhe European Cup rhe season after, even when we made the Final v German Giants Bayern Munich! We are used to London/North West club Bias, it worked for us then, and will now! 😂

  9. Youngsters!! Liverpool will win title! City n Arsenal will focus/get distracted by Champions League. No team has won title after a treble, always a drop off in psychological motivation! Arsenal will implode under Trying to win Chsmps League first time and Title pressure! Arteta is already showing signs of imploding which will transfer to players! Liverpool will coast Europa League, go all out blazing to Prem Title after their year of Transition n misding out last year! I predicted this end of last year n my thoighys have not changed! As a Villa Supporter of 40+ years, I can see these stat based youngsters know next to nothing! Few gave Villa a chance of beating the almost unbeatable Ipswich to The Title in 1981! Let alone beating Bayern Munich to won The European Cup in '82! Ive seen it all BEFORE put yr money on Villa to make TOP 4!🙏

  10. United had a very good manager but the problem is too many players are injured Chelsea have a squad which could unimaginably win treble something wrong with the team morale Liverpool can be 2 or 3 spurs have a lighter edge if key players like Maddison are not out it's still a December aresnal and city are still in the race Kevin de bruyne would be back by January end it's still unpredictable

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