This Was a Terrible Goal

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27 thoughts on “This Was a Terrible Goal

  1. Trophy Meadows in Wells Grey Park. Hands down the most amazing wildflower hike I have ever been on. You’ll have to wait until the borders reopen but this hike is incredible! You feel like you are swimming in a sea of wildflowers, there is no place like it!

  2. The time lapse turned out really well! 🌅 I am not a morning person, but I do want to try catching some sunrises when the weather gets warmer, but right now its a definitely no as this cold weather is too discouraging

  3. Just a video idea I’d like to see: I’m just starting to semi-travel which includes a lot of hiking and it’d be awesome if you could make a “hiking essentials” or “what’s in my hiking backpack” video. I am going to North Carolina soon.

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