“They’re ruining the game!” – Paul Merson rants about sin bins in football

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The Soccer Special panel discuss VAR following the controversial PSG penalty against Newcastle before Paul Merson goes on a rant about football using sin bins.

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36 thoughts on ““They’re ruining the game!” – Paul Merson rants about sin bins in football

  1. VAR needs to be fixed and improved before they add another major rule change💯💯referees have already made big mistakes with VAR it's only going to get worse with "sins bins"💯💯💯

  2. This guy needs to learn the rules before talking LoL. The only time a handball can't be penalized is when the arm is by your side, up against your body touching your body, then it's not blown. If your hand is nowhere near your body, then it's handball, doesn't matter if the ball bounces to u. That's why u use to have defenders in the past that when they were in the goal area defending, they'd always put the arms up against their bodies just in case a stray ball bouncing around doesn't touch u and cause a penalty.
    This player's arm is out and free constituting in a handball offence, plain and simple LoL.

  3. The problem is that now there is a push to sell the game to the worldwide audience, including, vitally, the US audience. So now there will be ideas that suit American fans being suggested, and the sin bin, while a decent idea if used well, is one of those and will lead to even more stoppages and we will head further towards a stop-start game like the NFL so that there can be more advertising, and basically ruin the game we love

  4. Premier leauge is just a money leauge now been spoilt, just buy players like a loaf of bread off the shelf
    Lower leauges is where you see real teams fighting it out, young players giving it all

  5. Sin bins works well in rugby and hockey, cuts out a lot of back chat, and is an option where an offence may be borderline between a red/yellow card. Merson makes fair points as to whether it would be useful in football. I think they are going to trial it in the Netherlands first to see if it works. As I understand it, no league will be compelled to adopt sin bins, whatever the outcome of the trial. Sin bins are already in use here in youth football without any issues.

  6. Merson is spot on, how on earth 3 people in a room looking at that couldn’t see that was not a penalty is unbelievable, they are either stupid or being bribed. As for sin bins no no no

  7. The one thing football should take from Rugby IMO is the bonus point system. If a team scores 3+ goals, they get a bonus point. This would incentivize teams to not time waste and to attack like crazy.

  8. Sin bins is a great idea , the problem with football is that there hasn't been enough discipline , ref gets surrounded by all the players when it should be just the captain talking to the ref unless the ref calls you but fifa is just getting more corrupt anyway rugby is superior

  9. Don’t think it’s stupid at all. I think of how many games get ruined because a red card was showing that shouldn’t have been. This would give a team an advantage for a certain amount of time, without destroying the game potentially 20 or 30 minutes into the match. The game was destroyed a long time ago. And it wasn’t because of rule changes on the pitch. So stop clutching your pearls like maud Flanders

  10. I do not want sin bins and I miss the pre var days. The worst part is some of us wanted the heads to bring in technology to “improve the game” and now look. I dread to see how future tournaments like the 6 country host 2030 World Cup will look with whatever “new rules” they bring in.

  11. The problem football has is that players can now receive a red for two soft yellows, refs hand cards out like sweets. A player should only be removed from a game for dangerous or violent behaviour.

  12. The problem is Sky, they have ruined the game with so much scrutinising of a simple game of football and they keep contradicting their own analysis all the time. They wanted VAR and with VAR has come rule changes and the hand-ball rule is now so removed from reality to be devoid of any sense.

  13. Mersin is 110% right and his frustration sums up exactly what all real football fans are feeling…this is why most people I know have now started attending lower league football where it’s still real.

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