These 5 Habits Changed My Life

Simple habits that have had a tremendous impact on my happiness and mental health.
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36 thoughts on “These 5 Habits Changed My Life

  1. I love the habit of being your own best friend. I ever heard that before. That’s amazing advice!! We all talk bad about our selfs and this can help get out of those bad thoughts. Your mom is a smart lady. I have a toddler and my hope is that we will always be best friends. But I rather her be her own best friend were she will treat herself better than anyone can. Of course I still would love to be really close friends with my daughter. Question this is Random for me to ask. But would you like to have kids one day? Sorry if it’s personal you don’t have to answer. Just curious I guess. God bless you and your family. I have always love you channel for years and I think this is the first common I’m writing.

  2. Thank you for not skinny shaming and saying that thinness is OK too, that was so nice ❤️ cause I'm naturally underweight and skinny shaming triggers me a lot so I appreciated that very much, thanks!

  3. Wow sister I’m sssoo happy to have stumbled upon your channel!!! I truly needed to see this video this morning!!! Thank you this is the best “advise” I’ve heard in a very long time!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!! 🙏🏼❤️☮️👻🎃

  4. Glad you went with the dark paint. I feel like 90% of youtubers have the typical white wall + fairy lights background so this definitely looks more interesting and makes me feel really cozy!

  5. What's up, Allison! I watch your videos here of Brazil! 🇧🇷 (I'm brazilian). I would thank for share wonderful tips… You're Spetacular!
    … world need of happiness and peoples awesome… by YOU!

  6. Great things mentioned in this and other videos about habits and beyond them – mental mindsets. Mine below are working for me and have been integrated over a long time. I do not recommend nesessarily doing the same or following them in an OCD like maner, which I do not do myself. It's all about balance – physical, chemical (including hormones), and mental/emotional (including human needs).

    1. Mindfulness (taking time off from work and people as well as feeding good thoughts and feelings which supresses self medicating addictions)
    2. Meditation (not the regular types but Somatic Experience practice style for chronic survival stress)
    3. Exercise- not all of the following every day though (weight lifting, stretching, nature walks, yoga, qigong, bike riding)
    4. Supplements for sleep, detox, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, immune enhancing, gut microbiota stabilizing, blood sugar regulation, recovery.
    5. Expanding my mind beyond myself (learning new things, reading, webinars, studying, exploring, appreciating and giving to other people)

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