The R&A and USGA announce new golf ball rules

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Golf’s governing bodies have unveiled a rule change that will reduce how far the ball can travel. The plan is to implement the changes in the professional game from 2028 and recreationally from 2030.

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8 thoughts on “The R&A and USGA announce new golf ball rules

  1. R&A are clueless and out of touch!
    The professional game needs the rule change of changing the ball size not the average club golfer who plays off 16 handicap and hits driver 180 – 200 years.

  2. So do the regulation specs / rules need to be changed on the golf ball to reduce driving distance for those players who can swing their driver faster than others ? Absolutely not .
    In actuality, we are talking about over 70 million golfers worldwide, of which, there are approximately 50,000 professionals worldwide. There are 20+ professional golf tours around the world with an estimated 2,000-3,000 eligible players, of which, maybe half hit their drivers on the average 315 yds or more .
    So we have, say, 1,000-1,500 elite players out of over 70 million golfers, or .0014 to .002 % causing a distance problem necessitating / requiring a rule change to put a new distance governor on the current legal golf ball – really ? Wolf is being screamed, but it is harmless – to the tradition and the game itself .
    As for golf courses, there are over 38,000 golf courses in the world; of which, the vast majority will never host a professional tournament . Of those courses who do, each needs to set up their course as best they can to challenge the elite players – for four rounds out of the year . Whatever they shoot, low score wins . It's enjoyable to watch players and winner shoot under or even par .
    New courses, whether private, public, or resort, need to be designed and created for the masses of golfers – who actually pay to support the upkeep of the course, etc. The length of 6,800 to 7,200 yds has and should continue to be a reasonable and enjoyable length, with multiple tees for the abilities of players, and if possible, for both walking and riding . Those courses who plan to host elite amateur and professional tournament can add-in tour tees, if possible . Many courses simply do not have the room for thousands of spectators in terms of size and / or safety to host professional tournaments.
    If there is a change that should be made, it should be to reduce the size of the legal / tournament driver – back to the size of the metal's predecessors: real Woods, in the size of 200-210cc range . And bring back the 'woods' industry that the metals ultimately put out of business . One standard range size (200-210cc) and either metal or wood (persimmon or laminated maple) for specified tournament play . The 'Fred Flintstone' 460cc drivers could still be the maximum size but simply for casual, non-tournament play . The original TaylorMade 'Pittsburgh Persimmon' driver (less than 190cc) and Callaway's Big Bertha driver (210cc) were simply durable; neither added much distance versus the popular wood drivers in use at the time. When the USGA in 2004 announced the new metal driver size would be the massive 460cc, they did a great disservice to the tradition and the game itself, and, essentially created the so-called, yet minute, distance problem today .
    Bottomline, the overwhelming majority of golfers only dream of even hitting a 300 yd drive, even with the wind and downhill ……o _ .

  3. The driving distances are gonna be less, but the bombers of the game are still gonna to out-drive the punny guys. Instead of 330 yds vs 290 yds its gonna be 310 yds vs 270 yds. The boys really hate DeChambeau, lol.

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