31 thoughts on “The Olive S2 – Episode 9

  1. If Ehi knew she still wanted to see her kids why did she “kill” herself? Rubbish and nonsense. Mscheew. All that effort into disappearing and leaving your kids alone. Smh

  2. I don’t like how Ehi is everywhere.., who lies about dying buh is buried and still stay in the same city ,walks around and nobody gets to get a glimpse of her in the same city 😂😂

  3. Not uncoo Tobi saying "you look me in the eye and you ask me this" .. sorry sir, where else will she look to ask the question? Your ears? or nose? 😅
    There's obviously history here with this work colleague so Dami’s reaction is not unnatural at all. So you could tell her when the colleague left but you didn't think to tell her when she came back? It slipped your mind abi? Continue…

  4. First of all I think it’s totally fine that Tutu didn’t accept Anayos proposal, bare in mind the following facts.

    It hasn’t been two years or more since his wife’s passing, which isn’t a parameter for how long he or anyone bereaved should grieve but still.
    He’s not always present for her especially regarding emotional intimacy, it seems as though his life revolves around his kids and the restaurant and he hasn’t taken the time to know Tutu outside of the friendship they already had and this casual relationship they’re building, so it’s just awkwardly too soon.
    Did they ever talk about marriage, or a life together?
    Did he ever ask if she wanted be a stepmother to his kids?
    I feel like he thought about marriage without really considering her own thoughts on it, which isn’t cool. I think it’s important to always talk about the depth/ intentions of your relationship, so both people involved are on the same page, one person cannot think for both of you, everyone ha agency.
    Also proposing to her at the celebration of her promotion, omooo that’s raz. That night could have been enjoyed for what it was meant for and a more intimate proposal could have happened. This truly comes from my bias towards intimate and private proposals, public ones are attention seeking and don’t feel natural.. but to each their own.
    Lastly, I don’t think the proposal was considerate to his kids feelings, just look at Adoras face.. she was gutted.. I think he should have had a private conversation with them about their feelings towards Tutu. Like their Mum just passed, like you can’t just bring another woman into the house.. like, it’s screaming ‘inconsideration’ all over.. haba

    And Dami and her husband, can’t believe he tried to gaslight her, knowing good and well that he’s not being faithful. It’s not the act of intercourse alone that counts as infidelity, it’s the fact that there’s clearly some emotional intimacy between him and his colleague and Dami caught that.

    Honestly I feel like when she asked him if she’s cheating, forget about her not giving him the benefit of the doubt, he could have just been honest there and then and said whatever he was doing/ feeling for that lady. The reason I say this is because it would have restored a bit of her trust in him in the matter of honesty, and if he really wasn’t doing anything crazy it reassures her as well.. but brow beating the situation and being egotistical “I can’t believe you’re looking me in the face and asking me that” does nothing… MR man believe it, you’re not too tall or big for me to ask that question.

    Now I don’t like that she slapped him, I don’t appreciate that as a retort, that wasn’t nice. We need to find ways to handle our anger in order not to start a pattern of domestic violence and not turn into punching bags. Let’s keep it safe, if you can.

    I would really like this episode to be a teachable moment for people, like please be honest with your partners, don’t make them feel crazy and feel like they don’t see what they saw, or like their intuition wasn’t on point. Not every question comes from a place of insecurity, sometimes it comes from a place of I really value my relationship and I saw something that looks like it could threaten it, so let me dig a little deeper, not to accuse my partner of infidelity but to assure me that hey we’re safe.. It really doesn’t have to be harder than that, and I’m disappointed that it was for them and is for a lot of us in real life..

    Sha sha.. Intentional communication, being attentive to and considerate of your partner is really important. There are many more isms that make the soup sweet, but let’s try and start there.


    Wishing us all well!

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