The Olive S2 – Episode 3

Anayo finds himself dealing with a lot in this episode as he tries to make it up to Tutu for the poor date. Amidst all this, Kele gets …


36 thoughts on “The Olive S2 – Episode 3

  1. I think that Anayo is indirectly gatekeeping tutu into his family. First the ruined date then the school emergency, he should have allowed her follow him.

  2. This movie reveals secrets in all sectors of government and big people. Their shady, shenanigan and camouflage ways. The real truth, non of them are saints.

  3. I really despise that scar face guy! Mama kidjo always looks so uncomfortable around him and I feel very bad for her. It's sad & unfair how she arrived in such an unfortunate situation

  4. Please Release two episodes per week. The whole twist and suspense makes it boring kind of. I guess the reason for why the views keep dropping too. Kinda tiring

  5. The way the series is interesting with the number of views turnout is not balancing. Please there should be a proper PR for this movie. The goodness of this movie cannot waste.

  6. Mehn, I just binge watched all the 13 episodes of S1 and S2 episodes, now I'm amongst those waiting for the next release 😢

    I give it to the cast and crew. This is phenomenal 🎉❤

    RIP to former Tobi. May his soul rest well.

    BTW, what's with the new doctor Ayodele? We have enough wahala already oo😊

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