The FA contact Arsenal & Mikel Arteta following their comments about referees

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The FA have contacted both Arsenal and Mikel Arteta to ask for their observations, following the comments made in the media about refereeing.

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35 thoughts on “The FA contact Arsenal & Mikel Arteta following their comments about referees

  1. That means you don't have freedom of speech no matter what their decision is you should accept it hahaha. Is this a joke if your corrupted am call you that your corrupt no organization have a right to make me from telling the truth. I will die for the truth.

  2. So in this authoritarian government, criticisms of the PGMOL and the FA are not taken lightly or under advisement? Is this a dictatorship? No one is allowed to express hurt? This clownery of an autocratic rule is ridiculous, but they all earn too much money for me to make them my problem.

  3. Even today, first Napoli goal was disallowed for a far lesser offence then what happend in Newcastle. Here you have not only foul, but also hand ball.

  4. This league is all about corruption. Might as well go along with the super league after all. This is no different. Referees mess up time and time again and when a manager or club says something they get penalised but nothing for the referees? I don't like the idea of inciting violence but if this continues at some point fans are going to take matters Into their own hands. Injustice breeds rebellion.

  5. It's the FA and the PGMOL that really need to look in the mirror and ask themselves what they are doing to bring the game into disrepute. Or don't they think that bad officiating is killing the game, doing more damage and dragging it all in the mud? How much disrepute do they need from their end?

  6. I am totally with Arteta on this. But I understand that when Liverpool were recently robbed, Arteta said something to the effect that you just have to get on with it. Karma! Still, let’s unite. YNWA

    E31 does that not apply to the refs too. They are the ones bringing the game into disrepute by making it a laughing stock. Huge match – Magpies v Gunners – decided by bad refereeing. Integrity of the game trashed

  7. The Ball is definitely out, only the blind can't see that, joelinton offence on gabriel is clear enough, so it's reasonable if we as common people think it's a match fixing by refree , how come video assistance can't see a clear evidence like this , it's a disgrace decision

  8. Europeans FA authority is a joke. Act in the interest of the game. What part of their rules allow thr clubs to act in the interest of their clubs and players?

  9. Clubs should request for games to be replayed when ref make mistakes, maybe then the corrupt systems can continue to be dictators. VAR failed to outline ofgside as well. FA PGMLO and refs have brought the game into disrepute bu their inconsistencies

  10. Colonial Mentality. When the officials made mistake or deliberately fail to act to the disadvantage of a club they are not punish. What right do they have to charge clubs? Several decisions point to the referee not taking right decision.

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