'The best in the business' – Who is Dan Ashworth and why is he top of Manchester United's wishlist?

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Manchester United are planning to make a formal approach to Newcastle for sporting director Dan Ashworth.

It is understood the Newcastle chief is top of Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s list to front up his new football operation at Old Trafford, although no formal approach has yet been made.

Newcastle would be reluctant to let Ashworth leave but the 52-year-old is privately open to exploring the potential opportunity to join Man Utd.

The interest in Ashworth comes after the Premier League and the Football Association both approved Ratcliffe’s proposed bid to buy a minority stake in the club.

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32 thoughts on “'The best in the business' – Who is Dan Ashworth and why is he top of Manchester United's wishlist?

  1. It is weird that he can't just hand in his notice and leave, same for footballers. Imagine if you were at work and were told… we've traded you to West Brom, off you go…. move you family and get down there. So weird.

  2. More lazy journalism, Isak and Tonali were both nothing to do with Dan. This is why non major channels are getting more views as they don’t lie or clickbait as much. Truth matters

  3. Newcastle are in a real pickle here – needing to convince a lot of their big players to sign a new contract. how can they realistically do that when their own DOF wants to leave. they have to let him leave to utd. they don't really have a choice here

  4. Stop confusing! You guys said earlier Man Utd signings suck because they don't have a proper SD, now you're saying there are lots of people behind transfers and not just SD alone. Get your arguments straight.

  5. Mr Dan Notworth is the most overrated footballing sports director who does not finish the project he sells in england , jumps jobs has no stability and not won a single trophy, that Dan Notworth for u

  6. Why they blowing smoke up ashworths arse he didn’t even bring in half of those players at Brighton and brought in a player for newcastle that was under investigation for betting

  7. Really dont understand the fuss . He had made signings which came with no pressure and it wouldn't matter if they were a success or a failure. Utd his signings will have to be an instant suxcess , completely different ball game. Also what happened with his due diligence with the tonali signing? Developing youth players at the FA wtf , ridiculous comment to make, ita the clubs who develop.

  8. Check your facts, he did not sign all them players you have listed for NUFC, most of them were at the club before he arrived, but there again it’s Sky Sports so we can’t expect anything else can we, it’s lazy reporting at it’s worst. Put Ashworth on garden duty for two years and charge 20 million compensation

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