Talk Africa: Funding the African Union

The African Union is going through a period of reforms, and at the heart of it is the push for self-funding. In 2017 member countries started implementing the 0.2% levy on eligible imports.

However the same year, as high as 74% of the organisation’s budget was still funded by external donors.

So with so much reliance on external funding, is the African Union’s autonomy over its agenda compromised?

Also considering that previous attempts at self-funding have all failed, will member countries this time find a predictable and sustainable solution?

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41 thoughts on “Talk Africa: Funding the African Union

  1. There are major hurdles for Africa to be independent financially. Its illegal for strong EU member to interfer with the weak member states but In AU members its the business of the day to interfere with other members, give base to rebels . For instance Somalia and Congo ! Ethioopia and kenya Eyes to annexed Parts of Somalia , arm malitias , so what kind of unity can AU brings ? Nothing but wast of resources

  2. Let's get rid of China too, since our politicians can't make good deals. I think they are planning to replace EU with China. China is the strongest backbone of systemic corruption in Ethiopia and all over Africa. If you really see what's happening, China is becoming economical colonial masters of Africa. From EU —-> US —–> China + India

  3. After the announcement of African free trade then the British came up with their distraction call common wealth summit, that's Why Nigeria is playing the game of not signing the free trade by diverting their attention to ecowas, what dose that sign show to AU. Now Nigeria is controlling ecowas, How can there be progress in AU with out Nigeria. The Britexit is a concern to them.

  4. The African Union absolutely subjugated by Western countries still are not independent from white skin colonialism. that shows the weakness of African leaders who fail to lead their nation and who do not have the capacity to be united among themselves, in Africa there are many resources that we cannot properly exploit, because we do not have the capacity to use it , beyond to the great problem in Africa today is conflict, fraud, corruption and lack of democracy and so on. all of these together created a big problem on our continent, but this thing is going right now.

  5. African Union is defied to sée it destiny ! It's union for unity to vary inception ! Consider thé reality of thé former présidents' they have been comforum for a purpose which is a union for Central Intelligence For Africa ! Now considéré former vice président they been called to clock in ACI not mange thé money yet to reform African territoire islands citizenship ! Consider thé former Attorney Général they been called not control prisons yet to reforme Continental Médical Association ! Consider thé Mayors there only obligations' should be trans continental river travel ensuring médical assistant and qualité control apportion of good from continental companys' ! Understand développement of structures is thé greatest destruction for an unwanted systèm that networks ! Considér thé former African judges' their lawyers now in landlock case ! When honestly theirs no great purpose than rewriting Continental humain ethic codes ! Consider thé average retirés African vétérans working to produce vérifications of next vétérans intellect an why should thé occupy be save ? Considéré what thé position requires without currency then one true potentiel will pass act of résolvant such thé unfinished Congo act ; African National Treasure Land Act ! Thé Treasure is thé North Africa Républic Nation ! Not for wealth yet for African Justice ! An for Living Ideas that a Southern Républic can adobe with two wing Socialist Nations aside for two différent gender area to correct thé unlawful minds of our fellow in thé Républic ! Two Southern Socialist One Cause Correction of our fellow citizen at thé cost of humanite créé options of employement ,éducation, resortment of defamine of character ' Understanding thé reality of Old Nations responsabilité to produce new Nations indéterminées ! Comforum GOD my Friends' !

  6. Gaddafi said uropeans don't like Africa people what they want is our resources that's why west killed gaddafi because they knew that one he's gonna unite African continent?

  7. I'm a political Scientist, very analytical and of deep thots and would to say that the philosophy of United Africa and decoding the politics of colonisation IS SPOT ON. Very few African Leader who dared to think differently like Kwame Nkruma, Julius Nyerere Ghadafi etc are destroyed because they are about the true liberation of Africa. I'm a Nigerian living in South Africa and never for once see a different black people, we are thesame and should be living in a better continent if we can see things clearly and fight for one another and not against. We know how Africa was shared by the west according to their economic interest and not for the benefit of our people, Africa was divided so it can be ruled. Checked West Africa and you'll see clearly how countries were shared. Nigeria (english)and all neighbouring countries made French speaking, and if the country is French speaking then the neighbouring country must be English speaking Just so that we can't have one language or co-oporate. But it a lot of work to be done as the Africans need to be reorientated to not see ourselves as the enemy and for us not just think about our selfish self and be greedy rather to think of the wellbeing of all regardless of where we come from (brown or peach) black and white does not exist, nobody is black or white, only coined for divide.
    "With the resources Africa has we should not be talking about poverty in Africa" "the land of Africa can feed the whole world but our people are hungry".
    Why is Congo never settled? why is Zimbabwe in permanent recession? why is Nigeria always at war in her oil region, why is Sudan, Rwanda, Libya and many more in unrest? Who owns the South African reserved bank? Who controls the Stock exchange, what about the Africans in diaspora etc how is Haiti suffering in a dangerous land, how did Haitian got there? and many more.
    We need to start thinking right, asking the right questions not to start pointing fingers and fighting but so we can solve true problems for all, Know the genealogy of these things, their bad intentions and deal with them to bring new life to our people.

  8. Africa needs to have various options. What do you call the relatiounship between france and africa? Isn't it colonial? The continent must be able to protect themselves. AU must be used to provide academia, councilar help and leadership with negotiations, in diplomacy and trade. Developments in the Africa diaspora relationship, for funds c/d's and financial vehicles to assist funding industrial operations, with returns to investers and portions going to the government. Along with funding the AU. This money should earmark money for industrial operations, like renewables, trains, farming, facteries. There is no free money, nor plunder, but seeds for growth, with the expectations of financial returns. I call the donor relationship, with European countries and the AU, tin-can diplomacy. Shameful.

  9. FAKE NEWS…A PLETHORA OF BALDERDASH! FEIGNED BOGUS NEWS ON AFRICA. CGTN Africa my foot! INDEPENDENCE my behind! How the heck do you claim to be "Independent" yet so "Dependent"? HOW FOOLISH INDEED!
    How can you be featuring a pale-faced foreign indigent while discussing funding African Union? This "fake newscaster" should answer this simple question: What is the relationship between AU and EU?
    Answer: Dependency…Forever!
    Why waste your time drowning your pea-size brain in rubbish instead of trying to wash your "Mind" clean of mental depravity inherited from your brainwashed miseducation.
    Who are you fooling if not yourselves, liars and deceivers?

  10. African Union, do only self funding, self funding and self funding. Let us be focused. Let us be strong. Let each one of us, leaders and the led, work as if Africa's life depended solely on our shoulders – which indeed it does. Stop any European funded approach. Whatever Europe may have already contributed should be treated as payment in part for their having enslaved Africa. We shall not continue with European funding. Europe is insistent on continued economic and political colonisation of Africa. Drop Europe out of Africa's life. Africa does not fund the EU. So, don't allow EU to fund our African Union.

  11. Africa must first clean house and remove incompetent leaders by democratic elections. They need to elect leadership which is competent on international issues. We are the richest thus most powerful continent yet we let outsiders set our agenda!! We must wake up!!!

  12. We are soooo dependent on others that we dont even prioritize the transfer of technological knowledge so we are constantly looking to others to build our infrastructure ie china!!

  13. They call Africans migrant economic migrants but they forget that they came to our country they still us to make thy economic strong .they distroy Africans future since 200 years back but be cearful we are the new generation of Africans if you don't want 3world war

  14. African Union needs to scale back and live within its means. It is a shame that African leaders are depending on their colonial masters to fund the AU. It is a disgrace. Financing is very easy if Africa unites as one entity. But as long as you have a divided continent, the problem will persist.

  15. This thing of us always depending on outsiders when are we going to learn? Independence will only come if this organisation is totally self reliant. Keep all the outsiders away. They use money to keep a tight leash on Africa in the name of donations to serve their interests not Africa. We need wise and bold leaders not puppets.

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