Talk Africa: Chinese Foreign Minister 2024 Africa Tour

The African continent has been the destination of the first overseas visit by a Chinese foreign minister every year for 34 years. This year, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, also a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, visited Egypt, Tunisia, Togo and Cote d’Ivoire, emphasizing economic development and bilateral ties.

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30 thoughts on “Talk Africa: Chinese Foreign Minister 2024 Africa Tour

  1. China went to Africa to discuss trade cooperation and economic development. The United States goes to Africa to promote China's threat, build military bases, and sell weapons. The United States would rather spend trillions of dollars bombing Iraq and Afghanistan than spend tens of billions of dollars helping African countries solve drinking water or food problems.

  2. The West will try it's best to undermine the visit. It is successful in hitting the Chinese financial markets. No money, no power, no expansion. The West wins this way

  3. China bring peace and prosperity through BRI for everyone involved while western terrorist whom only bring misery through Lies Sanction, Coup, War Follow by looting like Syria and Libya wonder where is Justice when the Corrupt ICC is in the pockets of the world terrorist?

  4. blinken busy helping israel mow down 25k civilians in palestine, china is busy SAVING the world, china shows africa they TOO can be successful, china use to be very poor, all the imperialist nations of the 8 nation alliance eg british/japan/america/france etc r@ped and colonised china and now? china is growing bigger than america, thats why america/west wants to eat china AND russia

  5. The occident s foreign policies for Africa are , robbing , looting and maintain the continent poor and dependent on aids , while forcing their ways of life on them , while China bringing money and developments to Africa , the US is offering homosexuality and aids ..

  6. China, ahead of Africa in development, didn't exploit Africa historically. Africa, open to collaboration, sees China as a lasting partner. Anticipates becoming a global superpower, fostering a reciprocal relationship with China.

  7. 中国给非洲带来的是基础建设,而不是武器,这让人安心。中国人鼓励对话,不主张战争。中国有句俗话“己所不欲,勿施于人”,这是中国古人对中国人的叮嘱。

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