Stephen Kenny leaves role as Republic of Ireland manager

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The FAI have announced that Stephen Kenny’s contract as Republic of Ireland manager will not be renewed after they failed to qualify for Euro 2024.

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33 thoughts on “Stephen Kenny leaves role as Republic of Ireland manager

  1. It's a pity, because they were actually playing some good football at times.
    Unlike the tactics back in the late 80s where they'd just pass it back to the keeper and hoof it up the pitch. Which contributed to the change in the back-pass rule.
    But of course it's all about results.

  2. Kenny Reminded me of nero who played fiddle while rome burns down around him. He refused to face facts We were 34thh in the world and in a euro playoff for the euros thanks to Mick mccarthy. Now we are at 58th Thanks to the football Association of ireland Who should have sacked him after the luxembourg defeat at home He should never have had his contract renewed complete stupidity.

  3. a con that never took responsible for how the team played he was full of BS with that big smiley dumb head on it the real problem is the retarded suits in the FAI who gave him the job in the first place now there beginning of the government to stay afloat cause they wasted every penny on paying the suits in the FAI that fail at every turn. Our problems are way deeper than the mens manager we need a total clean out of everyone in the FAI and start afresh

  4. He turned Ireland into minnows we are down there with the Maltas Luxembourgs The Andorras of the football World 6 point's its unbelievable what was he thinking when it obviously wasn't working, hello try something new get points on the board

  5. I don't want to be too hard on Stephen Kenny he tried his best and blooded a young players capped new players. I felt sorry for him in his interview there for the right Intentions The stats and rankings don't lie I argee with Stephen Kelly 100 percent with his analysis he looked emotional. wanted kenny to do well didn't work out

  6. Ireland don't seem to have many players playing at the top level (like in EPL) and it doesn't help having players switch allegiance like rice/grealish did.Even if the FAI could bring in a top name manager I believe they would still struggle to achieve qualification for tournaments.

  7. He was absolutely useless never again. Absolutely best case scenario league 1 and really would be stunned if they did. CV was empty coming into job managed Mickey mouse Irish teams and Irish under age and a few months in SPL

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