Stellantis To Launch The Biggest Electric Fleet

Stellantis Is about to Launch The Biggest Electric Fleet

Let’s take a deep dive into the stellantis biggest electric Fleet. As the electric vehicle industry booms, new automakers are also giving it all to be part of this green revolution. A newly established electric vehicle company dubbed Stellantis doesn’t want to be left out and has entered the electric vehicle industry grandly. Starting in January this year, and headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Stellantis has revealed plans to launch the biggest electric vehicle fleet.

The Dutch multinational automotive manufacturing company, Stellantis started its journey way earlier before it was launched in 2021. In early 2019, the Italian-American Conglomerate Fiat Chrysler Automobiles sought a merger with French automaker PSA Group to create one of the biggest electric vehicle companies. The merger, officially agreed in December 2019, was to create the world’s fourth-largest automaker behind Volkswagen, Toyota, and the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance.

in Today’s video, we will see How Stellantis Planning To Take Over The EV Industry With Its Biggest Electric Fleet.


33 thoughts on “Stellantis To Launch The Biggest Electric Fleet

  1. Now, if they can just find all the third-party batteries, and/or source the rare metals they'll; need to build enough batteries to power more than a few thousand total vehicles annually !

  2. Electric cars are pointless. They take forever to charge, they can instantly kill you if you accidentally drive one into a river, or a lake, because water, and electricity don’t mix, they are super expensive, they are so quiet, you can easily get run over by an electric car, because you can’t hear them, iconic cars like the Mustang are being ruined by making them electric, SUVs, and pick up trucks are being ruined by making them electric, car corporations like GM, Ford, Stellantis, VW, Honda, Toyota, BMW, Hyundai, Mercedes Benz, and Kia are now liberal car corporations, because they support climate alarmism by making electric vehicles. All electric car owners are idiots, because they have been brainwashed by the liberal government’s man made climate change excuse.

  3. I hope that Stellantis wins. Also hope that FCA doesn't loose the excellence that built up RAM, transformed Jeep, made Dodge a unique, niche player, built Pacifica which is a van that drives like a car, and EV 500
    Carlos Taveres did well with Peugeot and Opel has a bright global future. They'd be wise to team up with Tata's Jaguar and Rover.

  4. Not keeping Mike Manly was a terrible mistake. He did an amazing job keeping FCA on track after Sergio's death and best understands US market where Stellantis will earn most of it's profits.
    Carlos Taveres is genius and should be focused on EV platforms, taking German Opel global in place of Peugeot, Chrysler, Dodge as well as either transforming Stellantis into a real luxury player or selling Alfa. He is a great cost cutter, earns great margins; NA is a tough market Manley knows well

  5. Stellantis isn't going to be any EV's at a price point that would encourage. me to buy or a range I'd be happy with. I regularly go into the desert, there are no changing stations in the desert, so I will have to stick with hydrocarbons fuelz.

  6. I am looking for more on the Dodge EV releases for 2024. Since the new Charger was announced Dodge has remained silent. I have my gas powered Charger trade-in sitting in the garage, waiting for a new home.

  7. Is this the Peugeot Fiat Dodge Aries K EV model? Whatever happened to Peugeot in America? Didn't they flee in 7 ways? What's this thing gonna do, burn people alive forever?

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