Sri Lanka suspended by International Cricket Council Board due to government intervention

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The International Cricket Council Board has suspended Sri Lanka Cricket’s membership of the ICC with immediate effect.

The ICC Board met on Friday and determined that Sri Lanka Cricket is in serious breach of its obligations as a member and, in particular, “the requirement to manage its affairs autonomously and ensure that there is no government interference in the governance, regulation and/or administration of cricket in Sri Lanka”.

The conditions of the suspension will be decided by the ICC Board in due course.

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48 thoughts on “Sri Lanka suspended by International Cricket Council Board due to government intervention

  1. It proved that ICC is part of the perpetrators of fraud, corruption and waste. I always agree with our Sports Minister Roshan Ranasinghe. Let's rebuild Sri Lanka Cricket instead of Shammi Silva Pvt.

  2. The way ICC is giving cover fire for SLC it's a sign that Sri Lankan government is treading in right direction, something is not right if it's because of political interference then what about Rajiv Shukla and Jay Shah both of them are directly related to Indian politics? I suggest ECB and rest of the cricket board to follow the footsteps of SL government and inquire why suddenly the performance of their respective team deteriorated in this WC.

  3. India and Jay Shah are backing this corrupt SL cricket board. India should stay away from other countries' sports; it is none of your business. Sorry, Indian fans, but you guys are ruining this sport.

  4. actually the people who were betting controled sri lankan cricket has reported to india so they will ban sri lanka cricket, the people could rob all slc cricket funds, i dont know why they dont ban indian cricket for cheating a lot in the world cup , more like indian cricket council. virat kholi had a century to get and india needs 1 run to win but there was a wide at the last moment but the umpires didnt give so virat can get his century, and a lot of drs reviews were faulty only for the indians…. I think they tryn to get the world cup so the next president votng starts and people will be really happy.

  5. Thank you very much ICC.
    We will made a new council.
    Not corrupted.
    Then we will request.
    Please consider on that.
    (A sri lankan)
    And new team too.
    Because this players they dont know how to play cricket.
    They done a gambling with indians

  6. There is a lot important not covered in media stream. Shammi silva (president of Sri Lankan cricket board) wanted the ICC to suspend the Sri Lankan cricket, so he can gain access to million of dollars in the cricket accounts and get away with corruption. this is the real truth. Shammi silva and the 11 members are responsible for 1 billion corruptions during last 4-5 years and match-fixing with India's "JAY Shah"….. Shammi silva using Sri Lanka flag to fill his own pocket with $$$ …..everybody is now afraid that Sri Lanka people will now can take this matter and ICC’s corruption to "international high court" nobody including this media don't cover the truth Sri Lanka

    don't want to be paid millions by India through match-fixing and corruption to loose matches…. happy ICC's decision… Sri Lanka can tell the truth to the world now

  7. All I see here is bunch of idiots from Sri Lanka blaming India and ICC instead of looking into the main problem🤦. Before blaming others its your countrymen who sold their board with out any morals.

  8. ICC had made a wrong decision by baning cricket in Sri Lanka , incumbent President of Sri Lanka Cricket Board and the team is well known for mishandling funds on many occations ,this was confirmed by the forensic audit conducted recently by auditor general department of SL , as an ardent fan of Sri Lankan cricket, steps taken by the minister is commendable to clean up corruption , which had spread its tentacles to Sri Lankan cricketing fraternity since 2014 . It's so dis hartening to see the stance taken by the ICC without proper investigation being conducted. As the general public we stand with the local cricketing fraternity, of Sri Lanka and the minister of sports, for unprecedented steps taken to rid corruption in the respective sporting body ,which already had led our brand of cricket to disrepute. It's highly imperative for SL cricket to implement a new or ammend the existing constitution & call for fresh board elections . Sadly corruption has become a huge menace to all sports in Sri Lanka.

  9. I don't like politics. But Sri Lanka cricket board is one of the most corrupted organisations in Sri Lanka. They use ICC money for their personal gain. Do you know that Sri Lanka national cricket team has no swimming pool for their exercises? I am glad that present Sports Minister has a back bone to refuse bribes from Sri Lanka cricket board and stay on his grounds.

  10. This is a joke. The Cricket Board is owned by the Government. There should never be a government interference. I Googled to find out how the Aust cricket board is run. It is a "non government", "not for profit organisation" controlled by cricket councils in each state. Why SL can't simply follow this structure? Corruption everywhere. Soon the country will be on sale. Self before country attitude in everyone's mind

  11. There are some Srilankans here who blame India for this. They always blame others for their failures. This is why the country has gone to dogs. They can't simply sit down and think what is best for them. If they can't think they can just follow others who are successful. They can't do this either. Sadly, I am also a Srilankan 😢

  12. ICC representatives were the bookies, I guess.. When they were dismissed, fixing is difficult.. So we are banning the team…
    Any country who wants to play international cricket must follow script written by Ravi Shastri.. 😂
    And also say Jai ShreeRam Jai ShreeRam…

  13. Another socialist country now on ICU with dead Brian and small beating heart doctors removing medical equipment one by one because after Brian dead no one can alive without medical equipment but no can live properly with medical equipment for long time.
    Socialism is dangerous cancer
    Not only Sri Lanka cricket central bank
    So called State owned banks and all state owned enterprises
    Education system
    Medical system
    Legal system
    Rule of law eroded
    And all state body collapsed and epidemic of corruption

    Sri Lanka considered as one of the corrupt authoritarian bankrupted failed state in the world
    Same like Venezuela

    ICC IMF WB UN EU those organizations also extremely corrupt when they came into failed state like Sri Lanka. they want more corruption more collapse and more takeovers.

  14. Congratulations Arjuna Ranatunga…. The pro Pakistani who was backing not his own country but a so called country who was friendly to srilanka…. He forgot verey early who supported Srilanka in crisis.

  15. If the government involvement goes too far, everything will be like government related just like Indian team is overpowered by politicians even on the stages.
    But if things were adjusted nicely then, we would be able see some classical games and performances.

  16. Government is doing the right thing, Jay Shah and President of the srilanka cricket corrupted since the beginning and there is no doubt about that moreover ICC, Jay Shah and president of SLC using our national team as a betting coin. 😠😠😠

  17. It looks like ICC is also corrupt. The sports minister sacked the cricket bord after a finacial audit proved that the members of the Sri Lanka cricket bord have been miss using funds allocated to the development of Sri Lanka cricket for their personal fincial prosperity.

    For the first time, the current Sri Lanka parliment were united to take action against the coruption in Sri Lanka. This is also what the citzens of Sri Lanka have wanted for a long time. But now the ICC is interfering in this matter and giving the curupt members of the Sri lanka cricket bord a helping hand by agreeing to their request ban Sri Lanka from ICC events.

    This also means that going forward, countries are going to be hesitant to take action against a cricket bords who corrupt, because the ICC will stop a nation from participating in ICC events based on the request of a corrupt cricket bord. The actions of the ICC in baning Sri Lanka has now given the power to a corrupt Sri Lanka cricket bord to threten the the government and the people of Sri Lanka that if they dont stop their prusit of justice againt corruption in Sri Lanka cricket, than they will talk to their mates at ICC to ban Sri Lanka from taking part in ICC fixtures.

    It looks like ICC governing members and members of Sri Lanka cricket are all scratching each others back.

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