South Sudan announces currency restrictions for all transactions within the country

South Sudan’s government announced that all transactions within the country should be carried out using South Sudanese Pounds. Some businesses in the country say the government’s order to only use local currency is negatively affecting their operations.

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21 thoughts on “South Sudan announces currency restrictions for all transactions within the country

  1. I see "foreign indians" in this meeting. People of south sudan, do not allow indians to dominate your country economically. You will regret it dearly. This is the same mistake kenya, uganda,malawi,zambia,botswana,namibia & tanzania have done. Indians are on track for total domination of african economies by 2040.

  2. What is point having South Sudan Pound in the first place if we are not going to use them and any business people who do not want use our money should leave South Sudan and do their business else where and it is simple as that

  3. Those East African countries which want do business with South Sudan should accept our money or find other countries that accept our money and it is very selfish way for them to rip of our people and let the government give those business communities who are making money in South Sudan very clear messages and take it seriously

  4. Lack of internal production, Oil transit and obligation fees, High levels of corruption, high levels of public borrowing, low taxation, COVID, ethnic fighting, High global fuel prices and people storing money in their homes are what has destroyed the economy. The problem is multi-faceted.

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