South African youth take up farming in numbers

Over in South Africa, more and more young people are joining the agricultural sector in large numbers. Dima-katso Se-khoto is one such example. The 34-year-old left a successful career in the financial industry to work as a farmer. She is one of a growing number of well educated, young South Africans who are interested in building a thriving agricultural business. Yolisa Njamela has that story on grassroots, tonight.


26 thoughts on “South African youth take up farming in numbers

  1. 👏👏Big up
    and Go Bigger
    We Are Very Proud To See Womens On The Flied Of Farming And I Hope Bo Mme Ba Bangwe They Are Getting Inspired By What You All About
    God Bless You

  2. I'm a young farmer at mpumalanga at kwandebele I'm planting and I'm selling ❤️I'm doing grade 11 ❤️at tholulwazi ❤️ farming in me is life its my purpose ❤️ngidinga umsizi ozongisa phambili ngalokhu kwami ❤️I need to learn more this is my number 0760465473

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  5. And again we kick things of in the comments sections about race, politics and history, racist remarks and stereotyping, this is someone that loves farming and then she is getting attacked because she chose to farm, well done guys… 👏 our farmers and their workers are being attacked and we criticize the youth, what if she was white? She is a farmer, not a criminal you idoits

  6. The SA government needs to offer farming classes to these new farmers so they can learn proper farming really quickly. That girl was learning as she was going along, while white farmers in South Africa are some of the best in the world and could teach her and other young farmers how to avoid such drawbacks.

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