Sky Sports to show 215 Premier League games a season from 2025/26

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From 2025, Sky Sports will broadcast a record minimum of 215 Premier League matches a season.

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23 thoughts on “Sky Sports to show 215 Premier League games a season from 2025/26

  1. Still that ridiculous 3pm blackout though. Asking fans to presumably pay even more money to watch football and yet they can’t even watch their club on a Saturday. It’s very poor to not have given the fans the right to choose the game they wish to watch

  2. Better not raise the prices then right?……… right? Fans will still miss a third of their own teams games due to the 3pm blackout. Going to using VPN with USA Network, Peacock and NBC next season. All 1 lower price and I get EVERY Premier League game, something Sky and TNT do not offer. Premier League should run their own streaming service?

  3. Why are you making out this is good news. It means you'll put your prices up another £5 p/m. We'll have to pay £80 quid just to have a sky package. If Amazon bought this we couldve had every game for around £30 p/m

  4. I really don’t know why people keep paying a premium for watching what should be free on TV. The premier league is Englands national league of our national game, we own it! Stop putting hard earned money into these mercenaries pockets, for the chance to watch a football match……your family deserve better.

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