26 thoughts on “Shane Gillis Live In Austin | Stand Up Comedy

  1. Same shit at the paramount in Seattle. Trying to watch a comedy show and there is some asshole with a loud bumping ass stereo. It really just shuts down the entire show

  2. I forgot how to laugh while crying at the same time, how to roar even from laughter. Currently for me he is the funniest guy – I definitely need to watch more of his programs 🙂
    Jeez, my head hurts and from laughing tomorrow I think I will lash out 🙂

  3. This kind of comedy definitely ain't for everyone…..it IS definitely for me though. Haven't laughed that hard in a long time! Thank you shane for putting this special out. Fuck cancel culture! We need you bad rn! We need someone like you who isn't afraid to be himself, who speaks from the heart! Haven't seen this type of comedy released in so long because of how sensitive these new generations are. Oh man once again thank you so much man. I needed that laugh so bad rn. "Shane's hilarious….I said yeah Shane's hilarious 🍊"

  4. Yeah Trump was funny but at least he stopped the selling of our land to China had our oil reserve up so much we were actually selling oil to other country's. But nowadays we vote based on everything but what their policy's are. As "funny" as Trump was just take alook at bidens term vs trumps. Shut down the pipe lines, blew through our oil reserves, and back to selling land to China. Good job people you voted like it was a popularity contest and what has he said on Twitter.

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