Security analysts argue SADC troops in the DR Congo are unlikely to have a significant impact

The expansive nature of the country poses numerous challenges for the South African Development Community forces. Experts contend that the troops lack sufficient familiarity with the intricate geographical terrain of the central African nation, compounded by inadequate funding.

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40 thoughts on “Security analysts argue SADC troops in the DR Congo are unlikely to have a significant impact

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  2. These violence are being sponsored by countries who are after looting the resources of DRC. Over 20 years, peace keeping has been going on, but no solution to the problem. Africans, let's open our eyes 👀 see where the problem is emanating from. These are planned violences. African leaders, stop 🛑 being puppets to the West. The west are the reason Africa is divided, they don't want to see Africa unite. They want to continue to loot the resources of the continent for their own benefits. They believe Africans can't govern themselves, what an insult to Africans. Please, our leaders, just don't be the reason why Africans are insulted and undermined. It hurts…!

  3. We,the Congomen who speak Kinyarwanda we want the peace and our right because we are the congolist as well as others congomen,if they dont need us ,give us our mountains like:Kanyarucinya,Sake,Kibumba,ku Makawa,Ku ibere ry'Abakobwa and so on.That my God help our beloved country DRC!🇨🇩🇨🇩🇨🇩🇨🇩

  4. The DRC conflict will not be resolved militarily. The country needs a frank dialogue between all the parties involved. They can't keep doing the same thing and expect better results. That's insanity. Listen to all parties' demands and address them. MONUSCO has had a military presence in Eastern Congo for decades and have accomplished absolutely nothing. It is a disgrace they are still there given they have been so mediocre.

  5. They will work alongside all negative forces in DRCongo among others: FDLR and other 250 criminal armed groups that DRC has white washed into wazalendo! The SA intervention is really shameful. Helping a criminal govrnment who is killing its own people is not honoring South African Republic.

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