Sean Dyche ‘shocked’ by sanction but insists points deduction hasn’t altered mindset

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Sean Dyche has admitted he was shocked by the severity of the 10-point penalty imposed on Everton but insisted it will not change his focus even after they were plunged back into the relegation zone.

Dyche had a break during the international window interrupted by news that Everton had been handed an unprecedented sanction for breaches of the Premier League’s financial rules – a punishment that Everton will appeal against.

“I think like everyone, certainly in these parts, I was shocked and seemingly from the wave of noise after that, most people in football are shocked by the enormity of it,” said Dyche, as he addressed the matter for the first time publicly.

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11 thoughts on “Sean Dyche ‘shocked’ by sanction but insists points deduction hasn’t altered mindset

  1. Man waited till the whole world felt sorry for them before he gave his heroic speech..
    How brave 😂

    And no one is truly feeling sorry for them tbh, it's all a facade.. They are just using Everton to spite City but Dyche has put on a victim cloak 😂

  2. Only one person to blame at everton football club and that's the owner moshiri, everton supporters should sue moshiri for miss ownership of the club, plus im urging everton supporters not to buy any merchandise from the club etc untill moshiri sells everton football club, moshiti out

  3. You do the crime you do the time. Everton should just shut up, accept it and move on. If it was last year they got the deduction they would be playing against Plymouth Argyle.

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