Scott McTominay says toxicity at Man Utd is no longer an issue under Erik ten Hag

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Scott McTominay says the Manchester United dressing room is no longer toxic under Erik ten Hag and the squad is firmly behind the manager.

McTominay, who has worked under Jose Mourinho, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Ralf Rangnick, admits it has been a problem under previous coaches at Old Trafford.

But the midfielder has come out and defended Ten Hag amid reports of a split in the squad ahead of a huge week for the United manager, insisting he has changed the culture at the club.

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46 thoughts on “Scott McTominay says toxicity at Man Utd is no longer an issue under Erik ten Hag

  1. What? How does someone just say something like that? Why not just say that the players are behind the manager, instead of saying it is not as toxic as it used to be?

  2. He's making a massive mistake with fans by using Chelsea as a success story of improvement. Chelsea played awful.. absolutely awful. Let's not base out standards on 11th place Chelsea please.

  3. The problem with eth is strategy… simply put the team that won against Chelsea , they ran their heart out and after 3 days, the same team save a couple, then you ask they aren’t able to show energy… one rotates a bit as the players can give 20 mins as substitutes but the full 90…
    The reactive nature of keeping mctominay up front – is that really long term plan ?

  4. Eth brought Scott Mctominay to the press conference,because Scotty got lucky scored a few goals and which in returned saved his job😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Just like a politician or a 'news' reporter on certain news channels (we all know which ones) and now, a sports star – they hardly say no to their boss. 'Everything is good here. We agree with everything that the lord is right'. Nonsense.

  6. ETH is a youtube watch making selection coach who's not ready for the big stages,And he'll never be Bayern is going to Steam roll over them in Munich,How about a hatrick for Sir Harry….

  7. This is usually the same thing that repeats. In the first year. The team performed great. In the second year, they dropped their guard and performed 20% badly because the players thought it going to be a walkthrough against the same team last year.
    But they forget the rival teams improve by learning from their mistake of last year and make it hard the next time they meet.
    The players must always perform 100% all the time.
    I can go back to Manchester United and study each player and look where they have dropped their performance. Either by assist by year or the fewer goals of the players from last year.
    Even defending style.

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