50 thoughts on ““Schooling” a toxic couple. #comedy #standup #mattrife #redflag #funny #crowdwork

  1. I hope that they both have their own safe space at work that school is going to have a lot of unexpected counseling work to come up pretty soon they're going to be pretty busy in those safe space rooms

  2. I don't care how comfortable you are in a relationship there should not be any girl's numbers and a guy's phone that isn't family if he's in a relationship and no guy numbers and your girl's phone unless it's family once you get into the serious relationship everybody else has got to go and if you meet a new guy or girlfriend while you in a relationship You're f**** around or you're walking that line when you getting ready to That's a fact

  3. Kk ok.. my former step dad had a work wife, my mom passed from satge 4 a year ago and 2 months later hes bragging about his new GF. Fugg him… and he keeps hanging on to the family like hes waiting for some sort of ingeritance from my soon passing grandpa… this video was a trigger can you tell!!?

  4. Guy and a girl can not be friends. I had a friend that once tried to get in my pants when she was drunk nope I didn’t go for that it works both ways too. I had no feelings that way for her. I could have, but I didn’t. She wasn’t the only one I left like that….

  5. This is funny. But with all the standards set for being called a good man these days , atleast have the dignity to not keep a side D if you are in a relationship with a good man ladies , if you do not like it just break it off . Simple

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