Russia deploys troops in Burkina Faso

100 Russian military personnel arrived in Burkina Faso last week, and 200 more troops are expected as part of an arrangement to boost security in the country. However, there are mixed reactions to the deployment of Russian troops in the Sahel nation.

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32 thoughts on “Russia deploys troops in Burkina Faso

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  2. West warmongers always carry out Assisination against Independent African leaders who want total liberation from west influence in they are country so it is better Russia to assist the ibrahim traore on defeating the west

  3. You have to also remind the whole world that during WW2, Europeen (france, British, Italy…..) asked for the support of Russia that sent 3 million soldiers to rescue them from the nazi occupation. Why do some hypocrites see the support of Russia to Burkina as a problem. There is no country in the world that does not have a military partner country. france created and supported terrorism in the sahel and we can't coolaborate with them anymore.

  4. They're not terrorists either it's revolutionary extremists or radical these are radicals everyone Tara was used to push the budget for the need for expenditure that never hardly ever get used to fight quote unquote Taylor okay and also a special no below of what America did to Kim jong-un through the periods of 2004 to 2007 to the current date and you see them doing reconnaissance over here because they have a conspiracy to commit his murder and have already committed genocide against the North Korean people

    During the spy drone mission the South Korea let draw from America come right in they see that Kim jong-un has z-bomb, in bomb, p-bomb, in a bomb, and a bomb that has pee on it yes he is America's worst nightmare and by striking him he know that he strike America those just that he's seeing circulating there's a missile he has the hysaong-85)st song is to be used instead the Air Force miter these facts have been $hared WITH ME I SHARE WITH MR KIM JUNG.

    That's right they let a drone spy drone in under the American president Obama after a major treaty had been signed that that would never happen and that they would not take part in genocide they doused a killer time a megaton a very powerful more powerful they joked ones of the Pentagon of the amount of poison that they put inside of the the drone to spread and deadly arsening left stronger than rap poisoning about 67% over the poppy fields puppy cop crop fields of Kim jong-un South Korea just let the drone come right in and so there must be things that must be done against South Korea as an annihilation unless you're going to let him do some kind of genocide with a spy drone and doubts food or some kind of arsenic on their fields like the conspiracy exist to kill Kim jong-un since the Air Force okay he's on some kind of list that no one knows about me he will remain on that list and his kids kids and this is why what you seeing is occurring okay so get ready to meet the maker of all creations

  5. Just the other day I saw a video of Russian Wagner soldiers shooting at Niger fruit merchants. One shot dead by the road, the other fled into the forest. The Russians went after the guy who fled and still managed to shoot him through the forest. It's so funny how some Africans are cheering these people on. Here's a crazy, crazy idea. Instead of counting on the West, China and now Russia, maybe try governing yourself.

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