Rebecca Welch becomes first female referee appointed to Premier League game

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Rebecca Welch is set to become the first woman to referee a Premier League match after being appointed to officiate Fulham vs Burnley on Saturday December 23.

Sam Allison will also become the first Black official to referee a Premier League game since Uriah Rennie in 2008 when he takes charge of Sheffield United vs Luton on Boxing Day.

Welch has long been a trailblazer in men’s football, having become the first woman to be appointed to referee an EFL match in April 2021 and the first to take charge of a men’s FA Cup fixture in January 2022.

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46 thoughts on “Rebecca Welch becomes first female referee appointed to Premier League game

  1. More white referees in the Premier League rather than it being 50/50 where black referees are rarely seen and given a chance. Shows that the EPL has a racism problem when it comes to diversifying ethnic nationalites for refereeing posts.

  2. Welcome to Woke F.C.
    Black ref good decision, female ref appointment very concerning. Some think that Stepahnie frappart did a good Job in the mens super cup final, i beg to differ. will they appoint the first transgender ref in 5 years time.

  3. Face it…''top'' women's football, cricket and rugby simply does not compare to even basic men's non-league or amateur standards. Never will.
    Vast, overblown woke and PC hype about not very much at all.
    And why has there been no public consultation as to whether or not we want this woke tripe forced on us.
    Far-left media, especially the BBC ramming this vacuous stuff into our faces. It's embarrassing and cringy. Dictatorial and very, very presumptuous.

  4. I am not happy that the league is becoming more and more activist. Female, commentators, female referees, female pundits..what should we expect next..a female striker for Arsenal?

  5. As a bloke, i actually accept this appointment of women referees. They will significantly reduce the amount of biased decisions made notoriously by idiots like Rob Styles, Paul Tierney and Martin Atkinson due to their own hidden agendas.

  6. I'm a woman and honestly I just think this crowbarring women into the men's game creates resentment. Why isn't she celebrated for refereeing the women's games? I think we all know why, it's because the women's game has way less money and prestige because compared with the men, very few people have an interest in watching it (women most of all!). So for this woman to be seen as important, she must be inserted into the male space… It's so self-defeating and daft

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