Reaction to the Ankaragucu chairman punching a referee in the Turkish top-flight

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Matches in all Turkish football leagues have been suspended indefinitely by its football association after a club president punched a referee at the end of a Super Lig match on Monday night.

Faruk Koca, who is president of Ankaragucu, ran onto the pitch and struck official Halil Umut Meler after their top-flight game against Rizespor.

On Tuesday, a Turkish court ordered the arrest of Koca and also remanded in custody two other suspects over the violence, the justice minister Yilmaz Tunc revealed.

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34 thoughts on “Reaction to the Ankaragucu chairman punching a referee in the Turkish top-flight

  1. Kocak is a former galatasaray board member, a club which is protected at the highest levels of government. He is also a member of the AKP. This happened because he knows nothing will come of it – both as a galatasaray fan and an AKP member. the Turkish league has a long history of injustice.

  2. when VAR denied Bournemouth that fourth goal against Man United, I felt this deep revulsion, it felt like the most anti-football people were officiating, I can't imagine what it's like having those people in your face.

    even though I don't condone it, but that feeling of burning fury is only going to grow around the world as long as anti-football officiating keeps happening.

  3. Why not called it human error! The football association should develop a proper framework to address mistakes committed by referees too! It just can’t be always human error and the expect less human frustrations!!

  4. Listen, the owner and fans had the balls to do what English club owners and fans think about doing to the useless referees in the Premier league 🤔

  5. I see alot of comments on here saying the ref had a bad game and you cant attack refs because of this. I watched the highlights and didnt think the ref made any mistakes, this attack was born out of pure frustration that they conceded a late equaliser and the guy was venting. Even more shocking imo.

  6. I only wonder…pple looking at one side of the dice. You don't consider how much pain the directors go through when their clubs are relegated due to bad referee decisions and the effort the players put in and ….all these efforts are not respected by these corrupt officials. We need to standardize the decisions. We condemn violence but it won't go down if the referees are not brought to book. They are damaging the game

  7. MKE (Makine Kimya Endüstrisi- Machine and Chemistry Industry) Ankaragücü Chairman Faruk Koca goverment party's former deputy and fanatic supporter of goverment party. Also, when he deputy, he punched a police officer with another goverment party's deputy.

  8. Lets put it this way..Ankaragucu last season alone was ROBBED 19 League Points ,The Chairman ( now ex) Called Turkish FA to sort it out and stop the injustice. What took people by a surprise is This guy is not known with his aggressive or violent behaviour. As a matter of fact he was rewarded with Turkish FAs FAIR PLAY AWARD only a couple of Months ago for his call to all fans to Unite and stop causing any disruptive influence on the stands.

    In this game the Ref disallowed a legal goal via VAR after a review, Sent of an Ankaragucu player for absolutely no reason, Failed to send off the opposition Striker Headbutted the Ankaragucu Goalie..The Chairman lost the plot. This is probably 15 games his team was DELIBERATELY CHEATED and denied a Win by the Ref. Besides this Ref is known to favour Galatasaray and so many times last season and this season made them win games out of nowhere.

    Deserved? ABSOLUTELY NO..But Turkish FA are Corrupt to the bone and Failed to sort the disastrous Refereeing in Turkish league. They should also blame themselves.

  9. The culprit is a two term deputy of Ankara in the Turkish parliament from the AKP, as well as Erdoğan'a former landlord. He acts confidently whole being this intolerable mafioso Billy. Says it all about where justice is at in that country.

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