Premier League to vote on banning transfers between owned clubs

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The Premier League will vote later this month on introducing a temporary ban on loaning players between clubs with the same owners.

The vote, which needs 14 of the 20 top-flight members to pass, will take place at the Premier League shareholders meeting on November 21.

It is understood the motion is likely to succeed and it would mean Newcastle would not be able to loan players in from Saudi Arabia in the January transfer window.

There has been widespread concern the club would benefit from their owners – the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund – having material influence over the majority of clubs in the Saudi Premier League.

The long-term ban handed to midfielder Sandro Tonali for betting offences had led to reports they would target a loan for Al-Hilal’s Ruben Neves.

But the ban will also impact a number of other clubs whose owners either control or have investment in other clubs abroad including Manchester City, as well as Arsenal, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Brighton, West Ham, Nottingham Forest, Bournemouth, Sheffield United and Crystal Palace.

It would also have an impact on Manchester United once Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s investment is ratified and they take over the running of the football side of the club. He owns French Ligue 1 side Nice.

The ban would be temporary but it is understood it is likely to lead to a vote on its permanent implementation following a review.

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25 thoughts on “Premier League to vote on banning transfers between owned clubs

  1. All this just because Newcastle might sign Ruben Neves! Yet more rules imposed literally just to curb Newcastle’s growth! As a Newcastle fan this particular rule doesn’t bother me because I don’t like Ruben Neves after his interview he gave after Newcastle beat Wolves. He’s a dick. Plus why would Al Hilal let their star player they paid nearly 50 million for just leave to another club on a loan. Al Hilal would never allow that. It’s just lazy journalism spouting nonsense and too many people getting sucked in to it.

  2. I'm NUFC and it seems sus Saudi League buying anyone for whatever price and being able to loan to us – just a way around FFP.

    But it's been happening before by the sounds of it and City have 115 charges still so it's about as dodgy banning us as not. Prem is a mess like.

  3. And so they should. They should also investigate the ties between PGMOL and Saudi Arabia and the favours PGMOL members receive whilst working with the Saudi league.

  4. Newcastles turn now then , strange this happens when any team threatens to close the gap or overtake the sweethearts of the prem , like ffp this is just designed to keep lesser clubs in their boxes

  5. Lmao not even a Newcastle fan but my god this is rather pathetic seeing the whole league run amock like chickens over the Goerdies. Imagine telling someone that few years back. Funny not an issue for Redbull clubs, man city, Chelsea & even man utd who all have various conflicts of interests with other owned clubs

  6. They didn't say a word when Lampard moved from New york city to Man city for a year. Or when they have been loaning youth to new york. Only when Newcastle do It. The prem have shown they are not up to the task of policing themselves, has anyone ever been able to police themselves? I would say absolutely not. Chelsea fan btw

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