Premier League clubs vote for 5-year limit on transfer fees regardless of player contract lengths

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Premier League clubs have voted to limit the period over which a player’s transfer fee can be paid to five years, regardless of their contract length.

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23 thoughts on “Premier League clubs vote for 5-year limit on transfer fees regardless of player contract lengths

  1. 😂😂😂. chelsea, and subsequently man city exploited it for so many years. premier league doesnt really bother as seen from fact they dared to punish everton but scared of man city coz they want big money flowing in.

  2. Does this mean it’d be harder for less rich clubs to buy top players? If so then surely it could lead to a bigger gap between the richest clubs and the not so rich. £20 million a year over 5 years for a £100 mil player is affordable for clubs like Man City but for less rich clubs it’d make buying top players harder, if not impossible.

  3. Baseball lets them have long contracts. NFL has long contracts, MLS has long contracts, nhl has long contracts, nba has long contracts. FIFA and uefa are just mad an American owner found a workaround their system and said we don't like it lmfao. Players can still renegotiate when they're better and that still played in to FPP rules. They're just crying lmao

  4. This will change nothing in the Premier League. There will still be the haves and the have-nots. This just changes the length of a contract. Also, I would love some clarification on whether this is just regarding how long a transfer fee is paid out or what the maximum length of a contract can be?

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