Premier League clubs vote 13-7 against temporary ban on player loans between associated clubs

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Premier League clubs have voted 13-7 against a temporary ban on associated party club loans.

Sky Sports chief reporter Kaveh Solhekol explains the story and what else was discussed at the Premier League shareholders meeting.

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48 thoughts on “Premier League clubs vote 13-7 against temporary ban on player loans between associated clubs

  1. Everyone hyper focused on us potentially loaning a couple of players when the idiotic commercial rule they tried to introduce also got 💩 canned which will help us much more in the long run… looking forward to the toons new Saudi based sock sponsor 😂

  2. Theyre just trying to shift the attention away from man city and chelsea for financial fair play punishment. Why Everton got deducted 1st? 10 points! Meanwhile man city and chelsea are having fun

  3. Stacking your subsidiaries, some of whom don't have to abide by financial fair play, on the off chance that you will need to bring in a loan player or three half way through the season for nothing is clearly wrong.

  4. These players won’t want to come to England PL like the dump it is anyway lol. They’ve won everything and playing in much better country living a much better life

  5. Am telling you now Ronaldo Mane Benzema will not be coming to Newcastle United on Loan and specially Newcastle United will not be in The Champions League 😅😆🤣 and Newcastle United Can’t afford to pay all 3 of then they wages

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